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Re: Skyfall-Pros and Cons-SPOILERS.

Now that I think about it, he does give some justification for his actions, but because there's really not much of a through-line as far as 'connecting exposition' goes, it didn't make a whole lot of sense, at least to me.


Re: Skyfall-Pros and Cons-SPOILERS.

Thunderpussy wrote:

most of the action is Plenty of running around London, with a few shoot outs, As mentioned no Big stunt sequences. Then again that was probably done because thay wanted the audience to focus on the story.  Hopefully they'll have some
Big sequences for 24.   ajb007/biggrin

Hmm. Perhaps  ajb007/shifty

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Re: Skyfall-Pros and Cons-SPOILERS.

I watched Skyfall again in preparation for Spectre.

- exciting and beautiful PTS sequence
- great title sequence
- Ralph Fiennes!
- Judi Dench gives a fantastic performance
- Good chemistry and dialogue between Bond and Eve
- beautiful cinematography. It accentuates the feel of the locations, like Istanbul and Scotland. The finale at Skyfall looks fantastic
- Severine is an interesting character
- Great casino scene
- Hashima island is a great location, even if it's not really filmed there. It's created very well through CGI.
- SIlva is an interesting and unique villain with some great lines
- Ralph Fiennes is beautifully dressed by Timothy Everest
- The tube sequence is fantastic. It's great to see the most English character involved in one of the most iconic parts of London.
- Action scenes are not overdone, they are very interesting, diverse and overall well done.
- M's fight for James Bond's relevancy, both to the characters within the film and to the film's audience.
- A nice look into Bond's childhood. I love how it debunks the codename theory
- The Skyfall manor is a great location, and it makes me want to live there
- Albert Finney is a welcome addition, and his personality balances Bond's lack of personality
- Great to see M's office back on Whitehall again

- The gunbarrel sequence should have opening the film. Bond walking down a hallway lacks impact for the opening. The gunbarrel at the end is just stuck on and not synched with the music. It looks pretty awful as well.
- Why should M put Bond's life in the hands of an inexperienced agent? It's not like Bond's chances are over once the train goes into the tunnel. M has a terrible excuse, and Mallory is right for wanting her out. With all of M's and Bond's experience, this should not have happened. Poor writing.
- Title song. The tune and the lyrics are just so simple and boring. At least it has a Bondian sound.
- Is Bond's poor performance due to his age or his injury? And he's blamed for his injury?. Poor writing.
- M shows more poor judgement in hiring a kid to be in change of Q-Branch. He's very capable, but skills alone do not make anyone qualified for that job. The head of Q-Brand should be someone who shows maturity and leadership skills and good judgement. It makes no sense he would be the head of Q-Branch. Again, poor writing.
- Shanghai is too obviously not Shanghai. Its grandeur is completely absent.
- Bad dialogue when Bond has to tell Severine about herself
- Terrible CGI Komodo dragon. CGI works much better for inanimate objects, like Hashima. Why bother to do something if it can't be done believably? It just ruins the suspense of the fight.
- The plot holes of Silva's plan that are routinely brought up.
- Bond's DB5 did not have to break continuity for nostalgic purposes. It's Bond's personal car that he won in CR, but Mendes had to go against the writers and make it into something else for an out-of-place gag.
- Bond shouldn't have survived the drop off the train or the drop in the freezing water
- M's death is horrible. When she is shot, it doesn't seem like anything fatal, especially when she can still walk for a while after she is shot.
- Bond fails his missions: retrieving the hard drive (though it's M's fault for not trusting Bond) and letting M die. Daniel Craig's Bond failing so often makes him a less interesting character to me. I could lose these missions too!
- Bond's wardrobe: Poorly fitted suits that are much too tight. Bond is supposed to be out of shape, but is he supposed to look like he got too fat for his clothes? Tab collar shirts are out of place and too fussy on Bond. And a single vent on a dinner jacket? Awful! Bond also would not make the mistake of pairing a grosgrain bow tie with a satin shawl collar.
- Bond's haircut. It makes him look like a thug. It should have been longer when Bond lets himself go living on the beach. He doesn't shave often, yet he keeps his hair consistent? And how is Bond's stubble always the same length? It doesn't make sense that Bond would put work into maintaining his stubble for a few days and then have it shaven off.
- Is Bond supposed to look bad? He's still in great physical shape, yet he looks 10 year older than Daniel Craig really is. If Ralph Fiennes still had a full head of hair, he would no doubt look like he should be Bond's replacement.
- Thomas Newman's score is boring and lacks a Bond feel. Severine's motif is the only decent part, but it's still not a fully developed theme. The score lacks musical development. Some of the cues don't work well in the context of the film, like at the casino or when the Skyfall mansion is being prepped for battle. I know I could write a better score for the film, and I don't like that the score makes me think that.
- Daniel Craig plays Bond too much like a machine and shows no personality. Why bother to show his background to make him more human if he doesn't act human?

My list of cons isn't actually longer than my list of pros, it's just that I feel the cons need more explaining.


Re: Skyfall-Pros and Cons-SPOILERS.

Bond Marathon and only the 3rd time I've seen Skyfall  ajb007/takecover


- PTS is well done, especially with Eve
- Title credit sequence by Danny K (good to see him back)
- Excellent action sequences
- Great casting choices and acting by all involved, in particular Bardem, Craig and Dench
- Tanner and Q
- Locations, especially UK
- Severine is stunning
- Shanghai/Macau sequences very well done, Eve is stunning at the casino
- Skyfall in Scotland, raid on house
- Resetting of roles with Moneypenny, Q, Tanner and M
- Beautifully shot


- Pacing is slow and too deliberate, some shots are too long (Shanghai skyline in particular)
- Film is too inwardly focussed on MI6, Bond's life/past and M
- Adele's "Skyfall" is boring
- Newman's score is boring too
- Removal of Silva's teeth is a too horror-film for JB
- Film's length
- Bond's weak joke before M collapses
- Elaborate revenge plot against a mother-figure for a boss  ajb007/rolleyes


It's an enjoyable watch without a doubt. The film is very well put together, acted, and it's even extremely beautiful to look at. But one thing I find myself thinking about when watching Skyfall is "yeah I get it, he's an orphan and troubled, but who cares, can we just get on with it!?". There's too much inward focus in this film and while it is needed to resolve the questions posed in CR and QoS - it all just feels a little too serious for the Bond I love.

Even with that said, Skyfall is a very well crafted film from a talented director that many people enjoy and was enormously successful. For non-Bond fans I can understand why so many like it, because it does feel original within the universe, but when Craig couldn't shoot worth a damn because he'd drunk too much while being dead, I couldn't help but think about Dalton's shot when escaping the bar and Moore's "did I?". I don't feel any relief or "Bond's back" when he regathers his aim. Bond IMO, in the universe I love, should never really lose it. DAD (heaven forbid) did the Bond/M trust conflict and Bond disappearing element much better, because it was brief.

Spectre is much better than Skyfall because it does get back to where it should be as teased-on at the end of Skyfall. But made all the more frustrating by this viewing, because it still continues with the inward focus and political posturing :S

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Re: Skyfall-Pros and Cons-SPOILERS.

Finally got round to watching this again last night.

All the actors.
Direction, Photography, Script.
JB, M, Q and Moneypenny - the "team" are back!
Shanghai sequence
Macau sequence
Skyfall sequence
Some fabulous establishing shots.

Music is so-so.
The tube train crash looks poor and is really not needed anyway.

It's back to form after the disastrous QOS. The story is good and everyone plays off each other really well. It's almost, if not quite as good as CR, but it's very close. DC has grown into the role, he is a very believable Bond. This ranks very high in my "new" list.

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Re: Skyfall-Pros and Cons-SPOILERS.

Skyfall is one of the few Bond films that gets less enjoyable every time i watch it. Despite that, theres still some good stuff here.

.The cinematography is truly excellent. Mainly during the China and Scotland scenes.
.The locations are stunning.
.The theme song and title sequence are terrific. This and GE are Kleinman's best work.
.Great cast and acting all around.
.The entire China section is pretty cool.
.Really dig the finale apart from some of the melodrama.
.The end scene got me pumped for Bond 24.
.Has a real patriotic feel.

.The score, apart from Grand Bizaar and a couple of slower tracks just doesn't do it for me. I've been spoiled by Barry and Arnold.
.The film features the worst gunbarrel. Its at the end for no good reason, the walk is bad, and don't get me started on the design. ajb007/smile
.Rory Kinnear. Personally I would've kept Villiers.
.Too much CGI.
.Severine is underused.
.Daniel Craig's haircut and wardrobe. ajb007/insane
.Kincade using a flashlight.
.I just really wanted to see a sequel to QOS that showed this new type of Bond in his prime.

8/10  ajb007/martini

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Re: Skyfall-Pros and Cons-SPOILERS.

con - Silva had the first great looking villain's HQ in ages, yet the scenes in this HQ were rushed and resolved much too soon, with nearly half the film yet to come ... and the action then moved back to Britain, bad enough in and of itself but also setting precedent for the structure of the next film ... let's hope future generations recognise this as a mistake and never do it again, final acts should always be big productions showing off the villains HQ

pro - replacing the traditional villains HQ with Bond's childhood home is actually a clever twist ... and we do get to explore Bonds ancestral HQ, setting up all the traps in the various rooms then hiding in the priesthole, and it does get blowed up real good at the end, all the things that should have happened with Silva's HQ but didn't