Re: Bond 25 is going to happen in 2017 (maybe)

Matt S wrote:
Gassy Man wrote:

Yes and no, though.  For instance, I saw Skyfall and Spectre exactly once in the theaters.  I saw Casino Royale three times.  In this respect, they made less money off of me personally.  I do own the blu-rays of each, but they came as a set, so I paid a flat fee for all of them.  While it may seem like making fans hold out longer just makes them more eager, it may also create ennui so that when the film is finally released, the momentum is lost, as well as potential revenue.

I agree with that. The momentum from Skyfall was lost with a 3 year gap when Spectre came out. On the other hand, a long gap can help the series if it's coming after a film with a poor reception. The long gao following QOS probably helped SF.

I don't think the 3 year gap hurt at all.  Skyfall came off a sub-par QOS and was the most successful Bond ever. Because it was great In most eyes. Also, 50 year anniversary etc..

Spectre made 880 million. A huge success. If Bond put up those numbers every time out, the studio would be extremely happy.  It would have made even more if it was better critically received.


Re: Bond 25 is going to happen in 2017 (maybe)

Jarvio wrote:

The 4 year gaps are bad. People keep going on about how CR and SF were excellent due to the gaps, but what about the first 16 films? They made a tonne of money too. It worked then, and it was never broken, and never a need to fix it. Gaps don't guarantee better films. My favourite films in the series came after 2 year gaps. It's all opinion I know. CR is right at the bottom of my list, although I know it's popular. SF is great. But look at DAD, hated by most.

Just bloody make films every 2 years, or at the very least, every 3 years. But 4+ years is too much IMO, it's just not the way bond should be! 1962-1989 spawned 16 films, why can't they be regular like the old days again? Longer gaps mean bugger all in terms of quality IMO.

I really hope we get news soon. It is really annoying me, and if we got news, it would finally stop all this blind speculation too, which is frustrating, as I click on an updated post to see possible news, and instead all it is, is yet more blind speculation. And now people are boring me with Marvel talk ajb007/crap

EON, just make a bloody film, and DC, just come back for one more, the back-and-forth talk and rumors could have equated to making a film by now, time-wise.

I disagree. Two year gaps in today's film business is extremely fast. The only time you see that in movie franchises is typically when they have an established story to go off of already, or are planned out years ahead of time. James Bond is very different then most film franchises. For the most part there is very little story linked to each other. Even the most recent films dont require you to watch the previous ones.

James Bond is so different. You need a new story, new villian,  new exotic places to film, etc.  Not to mention the way films are done are so different then when Bond films were being done every 1-2 years. Films are more expensive. Require more people. Take longer to film, longer to come together, the special effects and the post editing process is much more time consuming. Plus, the early Bond films had alot of sourcematerial to go after.

I just don't think its realistic at all to have new Bond movies in 2 year gaps. But i will agree 4 years is a long wait between. I think 3 is the sweet spot.


Re: Bond 25 is going to happen in 2017 (maybe)

I think being realistic we're looking at a November 2018 release. Although the no news is driving us all up the wall, when they finally do a press release I would think they may give us more of an insight as to the holdups thus far. I do think the distribution rights have a big effect on things so far. As far as we're aware there still has been no official word on who has got them?..

I reckon it'll be September time when we hear something. I'd be happy on an Adele return also. Maybe they will reveal that too at the press release. As long as they're shooting from september and crack on with it , we'll be in line for November 2018.

I do think a story has either been signed off or is in the finishing touches stage.



Re: Bond 25 is going to happen in 2017 (maybe)

If it turns out that Craig is not returning, I could see EON pushing things back to a 2019 release date.....a little more breathing room between Bonds to ease the transition.


Re: Bond 25 is going to happen in 2017 (maybe)

Why we wait for Bond 25 we should check out American Assasin in Sept. trailer looks brilliant I loved all of   Vince Flynn's books and after he very sadly died of cancer Kyle Mills doing a brilliant job



Re: Bond 25 is going to happen in 2017 (maybe)

I'd be delighted with a Bond in '18 at this point...based on past history, that would mean rolling out some announcements this fall: lead actor(!!), director & DP, perhaps some supporting cast, etc. But of course a distribution deal would precede that.

Here's hoping.

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Re: Bond 25 is going to happen in 2017 (maybe)

maybe not....

it's 2019....which sounds as ridiculous as 2017 but sadly it's the truth....no respect for the fans anymore.... ajb007/rolleyes

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