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I understand that Le Petit Vingtieme, where Tintin appeared, was a magazine for youngsters.


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One thing confused me though in regards to this thread: It was mentioned a couple times that the comics were intended for children, whereas I believe they originally weren't?  ajb007/confused

Herge created the comics originally for Le Petit Vingtième, the children's supplement for a Belgian conservative catholic newspaper
do a google image search and see all the herge covers in his original style for Le Petit Vingtième
https://www.google.ca/search?biw=1093&a … s76RgyySAc
previously Herge had drawn very early comics for a Boy Scouts magazine
the early Tintin stories were all first printed as serials in Le Petit Vingtième until Germany invaded Belgium
during the occupation he continued the series for another newspaper's childrens supplement: Soir-Jeunesse (part of le Soir)
after the war he started Tintin magazine ... I don't know if that was meant for a more mature audience or not, but a generation or two would have already grown up reading the series so I'm sure quite a few Big Kids were following it

I first encountered Tintin in something called the Children's Digest (which was serialising The Black Island at the time) and I first encountered the books (Methuen editions) in the children's section of WH Smith


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I love the Tintin books and they never remained on the shelf very long in my bookselling days. Used to love the Tintin cartoon series they showed on TV in the 60's - used be in a very short 5 minute slot every weekday before the news as far as I remember. I'm still not convinced about the Spielberg movie even though I have tried it three times, it seems to deliver less than it promises.

Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.


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I could place this in either the Avengers thread or my Tintin thread.
Might as well bump Tintin, as Tintin hasn't been bumped for awhile...

In the Avengers episode Man With Two Shadows (S3E03 orig broadcast Oct 12th 1963) * at 21 minutes, start of act 2, John Steed is conspicuously seen reading Tintin in Tibet with a huge grin on his face. When one of the villains enters his room, Steed shows him the book he's reading and says "Very bright little fellow!"

apparently Steed was also seen reading Tintin in:
The Outside-In Man S3E22 orig broadcast Feb 22nd 1964 (Steed reads The Secret of the Unicorn)

The Golden Fleece S3E11    orig broadcast Dec 7th 1963 (Steed reads Tintin au Pays de l'Or Noir (Land of Black Gold))

Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers... S6E11 orig broadcast Dec 4th 1968 (Steed reads Le Lotus Bleu (the Blue Lotus))

Two of them are also third season episodes I can't find online or on dvd, the fourth is a Tara King-era episode I've definitely never seen, that's why I never noticed these others. But here is the incriminating evidence:

I also found a photo of Steed and Emma Peel dressed as the Thompson Twins. is this real?
If you cant see the images of Steed reading Tintin I'm trying to link to, I found them all at this euro-comics fansite.

see? I told you Tintin is relevant to the work we're doing here!