Topic: 'You Only Kill For Love' - Theme For An Imaginary Spy Thriller

Greetings, fellow Bond enthusiasts,

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I’m the lead singer/synth player in a dark synth pop band called ‘Only Objects’ from Adelaide, South Australia. We’ve just released our latest single ‘You Only Kill For Love’, which was written to evoke the feeling of great spy movie themes, and Bond themes specifically.

Writing this tune, I went and consumed every Bond theme, spy theme and anything related I could find to try and identify the elements that give spy themes that almost indescribable ‘feeling’. Then I took it to the band, and we expanded upon it. We’ve subtitled the end result ‘Theme For An Imaginary Spy Thriller’ and I would love to share it with you all. After all, Bond enthusiasts are the target audience for this song, and I think you’ll really enjoy the tone, the small homages and the general feel.

A lot of this is a reaction to feeling disappointed with ‘Writing’s On The Wall’, and wishing for a return to something bolder, brassier and more... well, ‘Bond’.

Interesting side note: I named the track by finding a ‘James Bond Random Title Generator’ online and hitting refresh until it spit out ‘You Only Kill For Love’.

I would love to hear thoughts from fellow Bond fans! Links to the various streams/downloads are below. Happy to hear criticisms/feedback etc. I’m also just happy to chat – I actually hold a PhD in espionage fiction, so this is very much my playground!

Many thanks!
Patrick Lang

Easiest place to find it:
https://soundcloud.com/onlyobjects/sets … l-for-love

Other places:
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2zaWiOx
iTunes: http://apple.co/2hIlCnB
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2mBt85o
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2hI2RAC