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Well on a wet winters day look what just dropped through the Donkey's letterbox  ajb007/biggrin

If you don't have any of the original UK Exhibitor's campaign or press books? this volume is well worth purchasing as it is a wealth of rare photos and information from Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty's Secret Service and like the original campaign books is printed in landscape format including all 3 front and 3 back covers. If you do have the original campaign books? then this volume is more than worth the cover price to stop you thumbing the originals to death, the prices of which like the original Royal Premiere programmes are starting to sky rocket! 

The Roger Moore tribute edition speaks for itself. It is 50 pages of rare photos covering Sir Roger's 12 year, 7 movie outing as 007 from 1973's Live And Let Die through to 1985's A View To A Kill ajb007/martini



This is due any day. 126 pages of You Only Live Twice 50th Anniversary goodness & this Donkey can't wait:


One gripe I used to have with 007 Magazine was you have a beautiful, glossy, full colour magazine which used to arrive squished once it dropped through the letterbox (this was bloody frustrating with the 5 Goldfinger portfolio editions) however this is a thing of the past because as the magazine grows in quality and quantity of pages it now has a spine like a paperback book rather than a stapled fold & the packaging has also been upgraded to a more robust enclosure. I recently received the new Omnibus edition which has a 10mm wide spine & it arrived without a single blemish. Great packing Graham  ajb007/martini

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Thundeball - obviously a movie that I've been missing out  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol

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Received  my copy of the  Roger Moore tribute  last week
and it's Fantastic  ajb007/martini

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It would be nice to offer volumes 1-5 of the Goldfinger mags (not the steel book) as one set for ordering with one low combined shipping charge  ajb007/biggrin   In fact, though I am aware of the logistical constraints that currently prevents economical combined shipping of an order for multiple issues, I  strongly suggest looking into that process and making combined shipping available to buyers.  However, I do think that the Goldfinger mags would make a valid exception to the shipping policy since they are more organically related to each other than the other issues.

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As a collector of vintage Bond memorabilia I have been waiting for this "book" since I turned the last page of Volume 5 of 007 Magazine's Goldfinger portfolio. And yes to echo phrases recorded by readers of 007 Magazine's The Most Famous Gun In The World, this is not a magazine, it is a glossy covers, paper backed with spine and pages book. The presentation is amazing as are the quality of rare photos which have been unearthed and let us be clear here it is not just the previous You Only Live Twice specials revamped although their content is included and rightly so because they were and are bloody good publications.

Casting my eye over the wealth of photo goodness it was almost impossible to select an illustration for publication here. The section on Little Nellie certainly caught my eye as did many of the candid shots. The image selected gives a tiny taster as to the books presentation and truthfully the whole volume is of this incredibly high standard and that is down to the high standard which Graham Rye has always strived to produce and the input provided by our very own Acacia_Avenue who without my wanting to gush too much is a printing and designing deity of much greatness who many on this forum will be more than familiar with.

Are there any negative points? perhaps a minor niggle, there is no memorabilia section as I would have loved to have seen the toys, posters etc which were available in 1967 illustrated in full colour but trust me there simply wasn't room for it.

This is without a doubt the greatest single volume which has been published under the 007 Magazine (book) banner, excluding the Goldfinger portfolio which was either 5 volumes or the earlier incarnation which was not in this price bracket. I can only imagine what a similar 50th Anniversary of Thunderball edition would have been like if perhaps time had allowed to produce one?

In 2019, it will be the 50th Anniversary of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Let us hope that Graham and Robert already have their thinking caps on  ajb007/martini



A taster of the visual goodness which resides within.

And finally, this is a heavy 126 page volume and I'm happy to report the new robust mailing enclosures did their job well  ajb007/martini


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Looking forward to getting the YOLT issue soon, it was the first James Bond movie I ever owned on VHS as a boy. Also I would like to see what the Roger Moore tribute has inside of as well. With seven films, I can only imagine the kind of information and pictures present.

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Order in time for Christmas folks. The Donkey has  ajb007/martini

007 Magazine gets better with each issue. It ages like a fine wine. I just can't wait for The On Her Majesty's Secret Service portfolio? in 2019 to celebrate the movie's 50th Anniversary  ajb007/biggrin


Please follow this link to order


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Picked up the YOLT issue - fabulous  ajb007/martini

Will order what I’m missing very soon...and I’m really looking forward to the OHMSS issue  ajb007/heart


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Wot Smiles said


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Got my YOLT issue in hand and I love the amount of content it has. Also I must say that the cover art is just beautiful.
Just ordered the Roger Moore special issue in time for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing all of the pictures.


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Treat yourself or a loved one or yourself  ajb007/biggrin  to some nostalgia this Christmas  ajb007/martini

This pair of Christmas crackers just dropped from my letterbox. Hot on the heals of 007 Magazine's two volume edition on the UK James Bond campaign books comes Graham Rye's latest offering, a two volume edition on the US James Bond press books. Reproduced in A4 format which is smaller than the originals, in glorious black and white (as were the originals), volume one covers Dr.No through to Thunderball including the double bill presentations and volume two covers You Only Live Twice through to Diamonds Are Forever so one has to assume there will be a volume three?

If you do not have the original press books? then this is a great way to find out what classic 1960's Bondmania was all about however if you do have the originals you will know they are incredibly fragile therefore these are a great way of saving said originals by not thumbing them to death!

Highlights for this collector are seeing the incredibly rare set of four From Russia With Love door panel posters which cost the movie theatre managers just $5 per set back in 1964 which are probably worth today in excess of $50k? and the You Only Live Twice set of four door panel posters which cost the movie theatre managers just $7.50 per set back in 1967. I've only ever seen one set for sale back in the 1980's at a James Bond International fan club event held at The Wembley Conference Centre in Great Britain. No one was buying back then but I would imaging today you'd be looking at a similar price to the FRWL set!



Follow this link to order:


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ppw3o6r wrote:

Treat yourself or a loved one or yourself  ajb007/biggrin  to some nostalgia this Christmas  ajb007/martini

Bought all four volumes as christmas gift for my wife, cannot wait see her face when she opens them christmas morning ajb007/takecover 

Much more practical than jewellery or perfume  ajb007/biggrin

What's hospital food like over christmas?  ajb007/lol

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I don't have this yet but over ten years ago 007 Magazine was only available as an online publication as it had been discontinued in printed format. During its online period one of the best issues with a really cool Pierce Brosnan cover was produced. I spoke to Graham Rye a couple of years ago & praised the content of the issue in question and urged him to consider putting it into print. I even suggested it would make a great A5 publication similar to those which had been produced as part of the OHMSS & Goldeneye video boxsets. I urge collectors to add this issue to their Bond libraries  ajb007/martini

Front & back cover shown

007 MAGAZINE collectors can now complete their run of the
paper printed issues of 007 MAGAZINE with the publication
of the first of two online edition from 2006.

007 MAGAZINE issue #49 now available for pre-order!

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Will swiftly be ordering these  ajb007/martini


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I was considering purchasing a couple back issues, specifically the Casino Royale and QOS issue from late 2011.  36 pages, is it worth the purchase?  I agree that the new issues are must haves I am just curious as to the quality and content of the older issues. 



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jdwad246 wrote:

I was considering purchasing a couple back issues, specifically the Casino Royale and QOS issue from late 2011.  36 pages, is it worth the purchase?  I agree that the new issues are must haves I am just curious as to the quality and content of the older issues. 


I've been a member of The James Bond International Fan Club since the early days when the publication was photocopied and A5 in size & have never been disappointed with an issue. When Graham Rye took over from Ross Hendry all of the A4 size 007 Magazines dating back to 1983 when Never Say Never Again received coverage have been must haves in my opinion. Perhaps the only questionable issue was the Skyfall edition which was based on rumour and hearsay & perhaps the odd leak?

The quality of 007 Magazine has always been paramount with Graham & those who have supported the publication over the decades. There have been many pretenders to Graham's crown. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang vanished without a trace which was the publication released by the JBIFC who split from 007 Magazine. MI6 Confidential is IMO too clinical & lacks the passion of 007 Magazine. I think anyone who has wallowed in the gloriousness of The Goldfinger portfolio or the You Only Live Twice 50th Anniversary edition will know exactly where I am going with this!  ajb007/martini


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jdwad246 wrote:

I was considering purchasing a couple back issues, specifically the Casino Royale and QOS issue from late 2011.  36 pages, is it worth the purchase?  I agree that the new issues are must haves I am just curious as to the quality and content of the older issues. 


Quality and content don’t ever seem to be compromised with 007 Magazine - get them while you still can  ajb007/martini


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Now if the cover is anything to go by? ....this will be something special  ajb007/martini

In the pantheon of Bond villainy
they don’t come much more
villainous (or sexy for that matter!)
than Luciana Paluzzi’s flame-haired
bombshell Fiona Volpe
from Thunderball

Bond Girls of the 1960s
Luciana Paluzzi




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Luciana Paluzzi - hot, hot, hot  ajb007/embarrassed


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Has anyone signed up to the online area? Does it have all past issues or just random articles?
Is it still being updated?!


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007 Magazine has reached its half century  ajb007/martini  This is the one we have been waiting for  ajb007/cheers

007 MAGAZINE issue #50
now available to pre-order!

Please click below:



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Ordered  ajb007/martini

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Now this one has been a long time coming  ajb007/martini

007 MAGAZINE Special Publication

Now available to pre-order at:



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Since the mid 1980's 007 Magazine has always been an event but today look what popped through the letterbox.
007 Magazine's 50th edition and an Archive Files Special solely on Luciana Paluzzi. Does it get any better than this?  ajb007/heart




Endorsed by Fiona Volpe ....Nobody Does it Better than 007 Magazine  ajb007/martini


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Bond Girls of the 1970s:
Caroline Munro
Limited Edition
2019 Calendar
http://www.007magazine.co.uk/007magazin … _munro.htm


Just in time for Christmas ....It will make you fancy some Lamb's Navy Rum and a very very cold shower!!  ajb007/martini