Topic: Bond's gun, other than a PPK- Icebreaker

Most readers are probably familiar with the jamming of Jim Beaton's PPK while defending Princess Anne, back in 1974. The British withdrew the pistol as a result, but apparently that idea only caught on half-heartedly with the film producers, who have Bond going back and forth between the PPK and other pistols over the course of the films. He much more consistently uses an ASP 9mm since Role of Honour.

What do you think and why? Here are some choices-

a) Bond would stay with the HK P7 after Icebreaker. The ASP, while probably a fine firearm, is not as likely a choice as a German alternative. Even people who have probably not read Icebreaker call it a Bond gun. It's an elegant, efficient design that certified bad ass Hans Gruber carried in Die Hard. Did they go into why the ASP in Role of Honour?

b) Walther P5: In the hands of Bond since Octopussy and Never Say Never Again, it never really caught on like I thought it would. When the SAS adopted the P5C and they chose to have Bond keep his PPK had me scratching my head even more.

c) Glock 26: Nice and light, with the power of 9mm parabellum and the weight of a PPK. Just have to imagine Bond with an homely polymer pistol, but that's not a stretch since he started using a P99 in the films.

d) Other? I can see Bond going back to a Beretta. The Px4 Storm Compact is a great choice.

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