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After all the fuzz about Marvel - but also DC - latest releases in the last few years, think Spectre deserves a different reading in terms of its box office results.
Apart from the huge budget Mendes had at his disposal - and we can argue endlessly if he used all that money in the best way or not - keep on reading how fantastic are the box office figures of Thor’s Ragnarok or Wonder Woman or even now Black Panther.
Funny enough, Spectre’s usd 880 mio is in general above many MCU’s big releases which ended their run in the usd 650-750 mio range.
From a commercial point of view, don’t think Spectre was really a flop as claimed by many reviewers at the time of its release.

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It was a commercial success, they used no numbers to back it up.

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Chriscoop posted a list of Bond box office numbers.
Showing that Spectre sits at #4 in the list of top
Money making Bond films  .......  I bet Eon would love
All their films to flop as badly  ajb007/lol

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Re: Reviewing Spectre box office

I think if reviewers called it a flop is because it didn't beat the behemoth that was Skyfall as was the expectation at the time.



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It was a commercial success. Reviewers love to bash bond and pretty much any other film that doesn't have Daniel day Lewis I'm it, it's pure snobbery on their part.
As with anything you can't please all the people all the time, I enjoyed sp a lot,  would I change it? Yes of course,  but what seems obvious to me is that the players don't seem overly proud of it and the critical reviews must have stung...DC in particular as he carries the can.

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It made over $850m worldwide. It would be safe to say Bond will be around for a little while longerajb007/biggrin