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I'm heading to New York, Manhattan for a work trip in a few weeks and am looking for some ideas on some decent shops to visit for Menswear and Childrenswear.

I have been before, twice, but it was quite a few years back. I'm aware of shops like Club Monaco, Billy Reid, Rag and Bone etc and they're kinds of shops I'm after. boutique style selling US branded/made clothing, new stores/brands that may have opened in the last 3/4 years

Looking to avoid the typical department stores such as Macys, Saks etc.

Also looking for similar in Kids clothing.

Are there likely to be any sales on late August?

Thanks all.



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I see there is a Crockett & Jones, are there any other British brands?


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I'll leave this link for you and hope it helps:

https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions … _York.html

Are you also looking to buy American brands such like Levis. Are you also looking for souvenir type clothing like New York Mets and Yankees stuff or other sports teams from the U.S.?

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