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I am looking for this specific picture, for now I found two different versions but it seems the original picture is a bit larger, with buttons, and complete visible golden gun, the best would be it would be available on promoton shot from 1974, but I never found it for now.




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A short video of my prototype.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBWK9g1 … e=youtu.be

edited video with more details.

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That is a very very impressive piece of work! Albert Luxford and Curly Currs would be proud of that ajb007/martini


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Looks great Patrice  ajb007/martini

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Stunning  ajb007/cheers

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Very nice  ajb007/martini

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Colour me impressed  ajb007/cheers


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AWESOME work, parfaitelumiere! And that's just the prototype!  ajb007/amazed

Video downloaded - to remind me of what kind of quality to strive for when making my own stuff  ajb007/martini

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if you plan to make it from resin, you can order mine on shapeways.
If you want to order, don't do it right now, the prototype you see has many issues, technical, and material.
The pen has been updated but not the box or lighter.
I will replace the plastic printing options and put it from professionnal plastic, I may also think about a versatile plastic version for lowest budget version.
The top grade version will be gold plated brass and black professionnal plastic (pen-lighter core barrels, with barrel rifle finish), this way, no legal issue, as the barrels are plastic.
The cufflinks on video are not those from shapeways, what you see in the vid is not possible to make by printing, too fine details, and lots of hand finish for a proper work.
If someone wants some, I have 9 remaining partial kits, have to order other parts, find the springs and make them.
one pair is for me, and other for a friend (simple version for him, double fx version for me) it means 7 pairs can still be available.
Price is high I think 180 euros, if you are not in a hurry I will include gold plating in the price, I have to get quite some stuff to bring for gold plating, to avoid expensive cost per item.


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Thank you for the offer mate - I appreciate that, and the information you've given. I like the challenge of making the props - however, not everyone is able to, and I'm sure there will be many lining up for one of your AMAZING builds once the project is finished.  ajb007/martini



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Patrice, you have truly made the best replica I have seen. Kudos!!!!!   --Ed


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for a video project I am planning to dress a bit like the character.

For now I found this, a way to buy a vincenzo di ruggiero shirt, it makes a while since I wanted to buy one.


and this vintage silk knit tie, 55mm wide tie, not sure it will be wide enough, so I have seen another tie a bit wider, just in case.


FOr the suit, I will use a existing dark grey suit I have, byt I would try to get, or make the white suit.

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For those who are interested, and EU located, I think it may be interesting to see with US located members for ordering.
I made a test yesterday with texas007 , for the complete lighter, gold plated brass version, US price is 150$ lower than EU price, mainly because EU add processing cost, VAT and shipping is higher.
Texas007 accepted to be the one to purchase the trial version, he ordered a complete gun, and it will be shipped to me.
Depending on shipping issues or raised prices if shipping to EU, I suggested to ship to him first (5$ shipping cost from shapeways) and then he ships to me.

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New work of yesterday:


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Thanks to Texas007 for the shirt, hoping it will fit, and thanks to ebay for shoes and trousers.



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Nice belt buckle - looks great!

If you need help finding a Nick Nack look-a-like, let me know.

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Some news, ans some design modifications after gettings Texas00 feedback, the bullet will be larger and longer, and the bullet loading will go inside lighter furnace, not lighter core like I first designed it.
Except that, it seems even rough from printing the assembly is not too difficult, except some pieces I designed to get a very strong fit.
Thanks to him for the first update.

I wanted to know if someone within France, or at least EU would be able to send me a FE and SD golden gun for video comparaison.
I would use them as size display and functions comparaison, I can use existing videos, but if I can make all myself, it would be far better.
I found only a poor quality sd studio video, and probably copyrighted fe video...
Within France would be the best, Europe can be good too, no custom duties or declaration required, it's much easier.
I can pay shipping and shipping back for the help.


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3 golden gun front, firing version of original prop, mine and sd studio.

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Which nib block is the same as used in the movie ?



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I think the accurate nib is on the bottom, I made screenshots of the movie and reflections make me think so.
But I designed both nib versions, as the top was already on the market back in 1971.



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Nice progress pics ajb007/martini

To my eyes, the correct nib looks like the top one in this pic:


The are a few frames in the film, where the nib looks wider/not like a typical tapered point; and where the nib meets the black section does not look flush.

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thanks for sharing your idea, I have same idea.
It's a good think someone is confirming it, because it's also far easier to make a working barrel with the top nib design.


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Some pictures of my design compared to SD studio, thanks to Texas007.
I will be able to make a new video of full brass golden gun on January.
The design will evolve, I added some more change, for even more accuracy than actual prop on picture.




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the white plastic parts on original picture signed by CHristopher Lee in the 70's


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