Topic: Is there a way to model yourself on Bond without looking foolish?

I’m not asking that for my sake—I gave up that idea long ago when my hair fell out and I stopped growing at 5 foot 7.  It’s a question that has always been at the back of my mind, though, since I first saw a Bond film.

Obviously it would be difficult to model yourself on Bond if you are bald, short, poor and have no confidence with women—the latter probably due to all the factors listed. By the way, I'm not knocking such people—I am one.

I think only men who look like how Bond is perceived to look (Daniel Craig being the exception perhaps) could pull it off—at least as far as looks and what sort of Bond clothing they could pull-off wearing.

True, some of the men who do look and dress the part can still fail and look foolish, so looking and dressing like Bond isn’t a guarantee that you can pull it off.

Maybe it’s a silly question—probably is. But it’s been on my mind for years.

Any thoughts?


Re: Is there a way to model yourself on Bond without looking foolish?

Confidence is everything, but knowing how Bond acts and is in the films and books, he's not really an ideal model.
The act he's trying to be in the films, is. The real Bond is a brute. His refined, polished version is what we see when he's called to work in the novels and what he is in his certain eras of film.
You can certainly take what you will from how he acts and how confident, and perhaps manipulative, he can be to get what he's after to complete his mission at that moment. You just need to have the guts and brains to pull it off, no matter if you look great or not.

It's definitely a bizarre and tough question, and from the lack of replies, I think most would agree.
Hope my answer just about covers what you were asking.

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Re: Is there a way to model yourself on Bond without looking foolish?

Interesting question - just because you wear something that Bond wears does not make you a male chicken!

I am an unashamedly Bond clothing wearer, but I treat as something harmless and a bit of sartorial fun ajb007/biggrin

I would say a little personal confidence goes a long way (maybe self belief) but certainly not arrogance (as M once said arrogance and self awareness seldom go hand in hand). You should wear what you like so long as you feel comfortable in your skin or whatever you wear.

Having a certain shape and physique helps naturally, but it’s not essential. I have seen plenty not built like Bond fair equally successfully in life through having a great personality.

Starting any conversation with a smile, polite hello, asking more questions and listening more than talking (about yourself) goes a long way with the fairer sex so I have been told.

Ultimately everyone is different but I find being polite (manners cost nothing), confident enough to smile and engage goes a long way in most situations.

If you dress like Bond few people seldom notice to be honest (though may have an inkling something seems familiar). If it ever gets picked up commented on I smile sweetly, offer thanks and walk on. The most comments I get are that someone likes the odd item I am wearing or discussions about watches generally.

I once asked a fellow officer why he had become one, he said he commissioned from the ranks because it gave him the excuse to wear the sort of clothes he had always loved but up until that point never had the confidence to wear (Oxfords, Tweeds, Chinos, MTM suits etc). I though that a little sad it took a promotion for him to do something he had always loved. But it’s a sentiment many I think could probably identify with (needing a reason or excuse rather than just doing it to be happy - after all life’s too short).

You just gotta find what look (if any) works for you personally, if you want to dress like Bond.

Cheers  ajb007/bond

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Re: Is there a way to model yourself on Bond without looking foolish?

There such variety in Bond's style throughout the films and books I think just about anyone kind can find an equivalent to pull it off regardless of height, or hair. 
If you haven't already, check out the Suits of James Bond website. There is a ton of information there and a great place to get ideas.


When I was doing more theater, I remember being paid the compliment that I stood the tallest of anyone on the stage. Or something to that effect.  Very flattering as I'm actually not much taller than 5"7', 5"8' either. A lot has to do with posturing. For me I just stood straight, and didn't slouch. I also watch a lot of Christopher Lee films. Pierce's gun-barrel walk also helped.

As for hair, I still have mine, but always felt if it were to fall out I'd probably just cut the rest of it like Sean's in The Untouchables.

In this day and age it's easier to dress Bondian, even if you don't actually own Tom Ford suits, or get tailoring at Saville Row. I tend to find clothes in antique shops, and vintage clothing shops.
Most people today don't really seem to know what a suit is. Put on a tweed sports jacket over a turtle neck with dark jeans or trousers and people will think you're wearing a suit. Kind of sad, really. I do go for the blazers and sport jackets quite often.

I moved to a rural environment where no one dresses like Bond, so I stand out a bit. I just go for it, but also go casual. There's tons of scenes in the films and books where Bond is dressed down. Depends on my mood. My job is business casual, rather than a uniform so I'll often go the extra step and don a blazer and tie. A woman at work asked me why I chose to dress up. She's in her 90's, so I figured she'd understand. I told her these days no one else does, I was wanted to keep that old school sense of style alive. Also I like the golden age of cinema where pretty much everyone was in a suit or sports jacket. Bond is one of the very few heroes that still keep those traditions alive.