Topic: Pet Shop Boys - This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave

From what I've read online, this being news to me, the Pet Shop Boys and John Barry initially wanted to create an orchestral pop theme for The Living Daylights.
Unfortunately, this never came into fruition and the demo they created was later reworked into This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave from their album, Behaviour.

Is this true?

EDIT: I also found this;

While it is known that Neil is a student of history, buried towards the end of the mix there's a brief sample from a speech made by Andrei Vyshinsky, the Soviet state prosecutor, during the infamous Stalinist "show trials" of 1936. He's saying, translated from Russian, "Our people demand only one thing: to crush this vermin!". Although this song focuses primarily on remembrances by Neil of his Catholic school days (which may have played into his choice of the Vyshinsky/Voltaire quote), he has also stated that it's "about the end of communism as well", which makes sense in the context of The Living Daylights, it being the final film that involves the soviets in its plot.

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Re: Pet Shop Boys - This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave

I believe it's true.  Years ago I heard two demo versions (both music only,  no lyrics), one of which sounded very much like TMBTPIWYTL,  the other much more happy-sounding. I think the first is available on YouTube.
I also think Burlingame mentions the demo/s in his 'The music of JB' book.