Topic: Measuring what matters the most for how much one enjoys a Bond film

On a rather long and boring bus trip, I was trying to find a pattern in what Bond films I like, and what films I don't appreciate that much, and I realised that there are very specific sets of qualities that that a Bond film needs to contain, for me to put them high in my list, at least at top 10. What I also found, was that there definetely were some specifics that didn't really matter too much in that regard. Some examples I found was (Listed them from 0/10 till 10/10, where 10/10 meant very important)

8/10: The villains
I find the villains to be extremely important for me to like a film. An interesting pair-up of super villain and henchman (AVTAK), or the occasional harem of cool henchmen (OP) contribute to me really loving certain films which are not regarded as great around much of the Bond fandom. Also vice versa with films like TB (Honorable mention to Fiona Volpe) and TWINE.

9/10: Entertainment value
A Bond film needs to entertain me. The two most important ways it can do this, is through wit, and cool action. I find that for example a film like LTK, which is not regarded as a particularly witty film, has some amazing action (Tanker chase etc.), the same with CR (Although I truly think between all the grit, I find this film rather witty as well. "That last hand nearly killed me". Love it.) On the other hand that is why QoS falls completely flat for me. In my eyes, it's got no wit, and no particularly good action.

4/10: Who plays Bond
This doesn't matter far too much for me, as I love them all, bar Lazenby, who I find not a catastrophe, but not great. The other guys I just love, and they all bring different qualities to the part, which makes me forget what's missing from that particular Bond.

3/10: The Bond girls
The Bond girls doesn't really matter that much to me. Of course they belong in a Bond film, but for example a film like Skyfall, which somewhat lacks in the "true Bond-girl"-department, doesn't become worse because of this. At the different side of the spectrum my absolutefavorite Bond girls, found in TB, doesn't make the film itself much better for me, same with OHMSS (though it's a heartbreaking ending.)

5/10: Song and soundtrack
Sure, I love a good Bond song, but I like most of them, and if you listen to the song often enough, you'll sort of accept it anyhow. The soundtrack matters more to me, as it's important to building up tension and setting a tone for each film. GE is a good example of a soundtrack that doesn't work that well. Still not a dealbreaker.

I could go on and on, and there's plenty more categories that I could bring in, with varying importance: Story, cars, gadgets, cinematography, who plays M, Q, allies etc.
It of course also boils down to your personal opinion of how good each villain, song etc. is in each movie. If villains matter a lot for you and you don't like Stromberg for example, that will harm the film. On the other hand I quite like him, so he strengthens the film for me.

What matters the most for how much you enjoy a Bond film? And what doesn't really matter that much?