Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

You Only Live Twice
.The Turning Japanese scenario would be done better.
.Give Kissy the backstory from the novel. She had a brief career in Hollywood and is now a diving girl. And rewrite her dialogue.
.On their way to the volcano, have Bond and Kissy encounter the Garden of Death.
.Make the Blofeld scenes more interesting.

Diamonds Are Forever
.Keep almost all the deleted scenes.
.Improve the special effects.
.End the movie at the salt mine.
.Just give Tracy a mention. Bond has moved on but still wants Blofeld dead.

The Man With The Golden Gun
.Get rid of Hip's nieces.
.Make the action more exciting.
.Remove the sumo ass shot and slide whistle.

.Get rid of some of the cheesiness.
.Better back projection. Especially during the cable car fight and boat chase.
.Dont have Jaws fall in love or become good.

Die Another Day
.Rewrite Jinx and give her a different personality.
.After arriving in Iceland, include a scene of Bond and Graves racing each other in ice dragsters.
.No laser/tsunami sequence. The car chase happens right after Bond escapes the mine.
.Get rid of the robosuit.

Skyfall and SPECTRE
.Honestly I don't know where to begin. ajb007/lol

1. Connery 2. Moore 3. Dalton 4. Brosnan 5. Craig 6. Lazenby


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

Remington wrote:

.Honestly I don't know where to begin. ajb007/lol

Well, I do: drop the effin' "brother" angle and the whole thing improves immediately!


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

Barbel wrote:
Remington wrote:

.Honestly I don't know where to begin. ajb007/lol

Well, I do: drop the effin' "brother" angle and the whole thing improves immediately!

And bring back David Arnold and get rid of the yellow filter. That was easy. ajb007/lol

1. Connery 2. Moore 3. Dalton 4. Brosnan 5. Craig 6. Lazenby


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

ajb007/cheers  ...and the film improves 100%!


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

GoldHilding wrote:

We talked about this in the Double Oz Seven recap of the film. I love For Your Eyes Only, but an instant fix for some poor characters and improved drama in the climax would be to keep the Countess around and take Bibi out. Imagine if instead of the Countess dying she is simply kidnapped by Kristatos' men and it is her held prisoner at the end instead of Bibi. It would make the audience care a little more about the "rescue" in the end. That also gives Colombo even more of a purpose in the climax and makes his feud with Kristatos even stronger. I think that would take FYEO from a top 10 to possibly top 5 film.

That's great, because then for the final scene Bond could have a threesome with the Countessa and Melina, as both are alive! Or maybe, as he's getting old, he could go off for a swim by himself and leave them to it...

"This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

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Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

Ok how I'd fix Skyfall

.Open the film with the gunbarrel. It is mostly silent. The cue that blares when Bond pops into the hall is instead played at the gunshot. The screen fades to black ala FRWL and the film opens as normal. The walk, pose, and design is identical to SP.

.Lengthen the chase through the Grand Bizaar.

.Recast Tanner. I would've had Villiers from CR be Tanner from the start.

.Dr. Hall is actually Sir James Molony.

.Drastically improve the score during the London scenes.

.Craig has the same haircut as in SP.

.Delete some of the one one liners.

.Dont have Kincaid use a flashlight. Instead just have Silva fire a flare and spot them.

.Make it Craig's last movie. The reboot is completed. In my timeline i would've had a movie in 2010 that shows Craig's Bond in his prime.

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1. Connery 2. Moore 3. Dalton 4. Brosnan 5. Craig 6. Lazenby


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?


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1. Connery 2. Moore 3. Dalton 4. Brosnan 5. Craig 6. Lazenby


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

Remington wrote:

Ok how I'd fix Skyfall

.Use real helicopters at Silva's island. Also include a fight between Bond and Silva among the rats. I heard this was planned.


The helicopter in Skyfall was real, a brand new Wildcat AH.1 (flown by AAC pilots ). They used one aircraft and filmed it from different angles to make it look like there were three then digitiallly composed the image. If you sit and watch the end credits you'll see "With thanks to the MoD and the Lynx PT" - I have been in touch with one of the pilots , Tony Cooke, in relation to research for the Corgi models of the Lynx helicopter .


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

Thunderpussy thank you for this thread. I know you love all 24 films equally and could no more find a Little Niggle than disown one of your own children for driving an invisible car, so this is most generous of you.

I would like to fix Casino Royale by making it one of the classic era Connery films. Despite the merits of the Craig film, its not really part of the classic series any more than the first two versions.

how? well, lets say Brocolli/Saltzman make a deal with Feldman before they make their deal with McClory. So, instead of Thunderball, Casino Royale gets made it 1965.
They could actually work with Feldman. Unlike McClory, Feldman was an experienced filmmaker. Feldman produced Streetcar Named Desire! so his involvement would not mean it would have to look like the silly 1967 film. Imagine a 1965 Casino... with the gritty kitchen sink realism and emotional intensity of Streetcar...!
plus, he has worked with a few very big actors in the past who could maybe help with this film. After Goldfinger, I'm sure theyd be lining up for the chance. (Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe would not be available).

Connery still looked pretty lean and tuff in 1965, so this could actually be done as a prequel. We could see ConneryBond's first two kills.

Who could play le Chiffre? Feldman did get Orson Welles. or maybe bring back the original, Peter Lorre. Or, maybe Feldman's still friends with that zany Marlon Brando? he'd be my first choice, if available. Imagine Brando as a Bond villain, it'd be like Colonel Kurtz a decade early!

le Chiffre should somehow be connected to SPECTRE, since every other Connery villain is. SPECTRE'd need someone to handle their investments, hell their HQ already is in a bank, so that's easy, he works there. Thus we can get some early unnamed unseen Blofeld content in our prequel. Maybe he's ready to press the button to zap le Chiffre at the next meeting, and le Chiffre knows it, so that's his motivation to recoup funds fast.

Maybe as an injoke get Barry Nelson to play Leiter. We're already used to a different Leiter every film. Except we see Bond meet Leiter for the first time in Dr No, so thatd be a continuity error. I don't know, The two characters of Leiter and Mathis always did seem redundant even in Flemings story, so maybe we don't even need a Leiter. But I'd like to see a Barry Nelson cameo.

I don't know who I'd want for Vesper. Those of you more familiar with mid60s Hammer films and ITV productions can maybe name someone at her peak in 1965. The role requires an Englishwoman, and would require meatier acting chops than any of the BondGirl roles we've had up til now. So just winning a beauty contest would not be enough this time.

But does Vesper die at the end? The liferaft formula has already been established over the last three films, I don't think we could break that pattern now with a tragic ending. Well, just one film previous, ConneryBond turned a badgirl good with his shagadelic superpowers. Lets say Vesper is an undetected double agent until after the torture scene, until she sleeps with Bond. Basically the way the story already goes, except after one night with Bond she's ready to confess all, change her ways, and help save the world.
Guess that requires one last major action sequence with a big explosion just like the Craig film, oh well, just no tragic ending and she gets to be in the liferaft. Don't worry, FRWL already established you can add a couple extra action scenes at the end of a slowmoving movie, and that's still most FlemingPurists favourite film!

That just leaves the torture scene. Sorry, I can't see testicle torture in a 1965 film, itd have to be toned down somehow. Goldfinger's laser was headed in that direction one film earlier, so we could imply something nasty and emasculating without quite being so literal as Fleming wrote it.

The aftermath? do we still get a Thunderball? maybe Brocolli/Saltzman have a positive experience collaborating with Feldman (who is actually an experienced professional), so they're willing to try it again with another outsider. Thus we get Thunderball in 1967, even bigger and more expensive than the version we know, and they can start filming in Piz Gloria two years later without having to do another film instead, meaning YOLT would actually get filmed in its proper sequence. Fix two problematic films with one simple timeline change!

...or, if they don't want to work with McClory, he can do a completely independent version of Thunderball all on his own, in which Peter Sellers plays scuba diving expert Evelyn Tremble, hired by the British Secret Service to take on the identity of James Bond and save the world!

EDIT: oh and the theme song! unfortunately we would lose the best part of the silly 1967 film, the Burt Bacharach/Herb Alpert/Dusty Springfield soundtrack
and of course we cant use the title track from Thunderball
but!!! Barry did write an unused title track in 1965, that was rejected because it described the character of James Bond instead of quoting the films title, and it would be appropriate to a James Bond origin film: Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

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Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

OK, here's my take:

Dr. NO - MAYBE a bigger budget, but I'd insist this was made after LALD. otherwise, I'd keep it the same.
FRWL - No changes.
GF - Ditto. Well, maybe tone down the comedic tone in it.
TB - Well, maybe add a few scenes, including a coda. Recast Adolfo Celi, and have another actor to dub him.
YOLT - Move this after OHMSS. Either have Connery in this for his last appearence or Lazenby in his one-off (preferably the former). Make it as outlandish as the existing YOLT if you have to, but Bond must kill Blofeld at the end for his wife's murder.
OHMSS - Only Connery could improve this, so aside from that, no changes. Well, other than it being filmed prior to YOLT.
DAF - Roger Moore should be in this. Bigger budget. Better rewrite. No Blofeld, new villain.
LALD - Should've been first Bond film, with Connery, closer to the book.
TSWLM - No big changes, although I'd recast Stromberg and have him be more active in the story.
MR - Just do the damn book! If not, don't just re-do TSWLM. If you can't have that... at least don't have Jaws speak.
FYEO - No real changes, though maybe rework the script for it not be so patchy. Keep Moore.
OP - Moore's last-ever. Recast Prince Whatsisname.
NSNA - Remove Blofeld altogether, or make Blofeld be a "fake" leader, a front, like the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, with Largo as the real leader of SPECTRE. James Horner instead of Michel Legrand for the score. Prevail against EON and the end result be closer to Warhead, therefore a little more original.
AVTAK - Vastly different film. Use the short story for part of it. Timothy Dalton as Bond.
TLD - No changes, other than removal of OTT comedy bits, General Gogol and recast Brad Whittaker.
LTK - No changes, other than perhaps space out some of the events of the film, as it all seems to happen within the span of a couple of days.
GE - No changes. Either Dalton's last or Brosnan's first. Last John Barry score, instead of Eric Serra.
TND - Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.
TWINE - Either recast Renard, or improve his characterization a bit, and crucially have him survive for another Bond. Either recast Denise Richards, or just rewrite her character to not be a nuclear phycisist.
DAD - A lof changes. But, basically, no anniversary callbacks. If you wanna go for a modern MR adaptation, go for it. Otherwise, I don't mind the plot, just tone down the OTT elements.
A fifth Brosnan film, with Renard in his last appearence, just because.
CR - No major changes, but this shouldn't be a rookie agent. Keep the PTS but imply it was a long time ago for Bond, like it was in the novel. No cliffhanger about Quantum. Heck, I'd go even further and suggest cutting references to this being a hard reboot, but this could be going too far.
QOS - The plot is fine, but the script is basically terrible, so major rewrite there. Also recast the whole cast. And bring in another director altogether.
SF - No major changes... although I have to agree that Bond should simply be allowed to have an impact in the story. He basically gets nothing done. That has to change.
SPECTRE - No major changes, but Blofeld should never, ever be Bond's brother. Not for any reason, ever. Nope. Nada. No, no, no.


Re: Fixing Cubby Broccoli's EON productions Bad Films ?

Maybe if TMWGG had more serious tone and Angela Mao could have been one of the girls , no doubt she wouldve set the cinema screen on fire  ajb007/amazed

AM was attractive enough to be a Bond girl but she wouldve been dubbed