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This is simply a thread where members can recommend podcasts they enjoy to other members. The topics can be pretty much anything: history, pop culture, politics etc.

Here are few I enjoy:

The Great War by Indy Neidell.
The best presentation of WWI I have seen anywhere. Very entertaining and informative.

The War College
War College is a front-line view into a world in conflict, exploring current dangers and trying to learn the lessons of history.

The Rocketeer Minute podcast
A minute by minute chat about the 1991 movie "Rockdeteer"

Podcast from The International Spy Museum.

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Re: Members' podcast recommendations

Good idea!
There's only two I religiously listen to.
The first one is James Bond Radio. Tom. And Chris are such a joy to listen to, they have such positive enthusiasm and knowledge when it comes to the world of Bond. They also have a few other rolling reporter types and specialists such as Dan Gale and John Williams who do a fantastic job. They've been able to interview a long list of interesting celebs and bond related people, including Sir Rog, in I think one of his last interviews, plus a lot of other fun content.
Second podcast is Diminishing Returns, which features yhe Bond YouTuber Calvin Dyson. (He starts off as a regular and then switches to a rolling guest star)
Bunch of young Brits review films and come up with fun sequels to them. Calvin's the best on there out of the three, but you quickly warm to both Sol and Alan who are a bit more grounded and cynical. Their reviews on the Bond films become Calvin defending them from Alan and Sol's critique, which can be quite enjoyable in seeing a non Bond fans refreshing take on the films. Their other reviews are just as good.

“The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning. "
-Casino Royale, Ian Fleming


Re: Members' podcast recommendations

I have to mention Archivo 007's podcasts.

We are 10 years old this 2018, one every month, we reached this month the 126th!


Of course, it is in Spanish...  ajb007/biggrin  ajb007/martini

You have all of them here: https://archivo007.com/podcast/

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Re: Members' podcast recommendations

From History Extra podcast from the BBC.
From about minute 27 we learn about Ian Fleming and Jamaica. The first 27 minutes are about the French resistance hiding Jewish children in a mountain area, also well Worth listening to.

https://www.historyextra.com/period/sec … hy-france/


Re: Members' podcast recommendations

I'm a huge fan of film music, and enjoy listening to soundtracks and dissecting the themes etc. If you are also interested in film scores, I highly recommend Art of the Score: http://www.artofthescore.com.au/

The show is hosted by three extremely knowledgable film music enthusiasts, one of whom frequently conducts these scores in live orchestral performances and is therefore intimately familiar with them. They have covered a number of John Williams scores, as well as some John Barry (Dances With Wolves) and a very enjoyable 3 part journey through all the Bond scores.


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I've discovered a man named Dan Carlin. He runs two podcasts. The one I discovered first was "Dan Carlin's Hardcore History". He talks about a broad historical theme in each podcast, and at length. Some of his podcasts last for hours, making them Perfect for long journeys. He's never boring. He manages to make history understandable and thought-provoking in an entertaining way.


Lately I have started listening to "Common sense with Dan Carlin". In this podcast he comments on politics and society in a broad sense. I just listened to an episode on how a new American civil war now is a topic in mainstream media, and I couldn't tell if he was Democrat or Republican. Carlin has referred to himself as social libertarian,[16] a "radical," "neo-prudentist," "pragmatist," and "political martian."[17] He is outspoken on issues like state surveillance, foreign intervention, concentrated power, free speech, education reform, the problems of a two-party system, and civil liberties. (Wikipedia)

https://www.dancarlin.com/common-sense- … ding-page/


Re: Members' podcast recommendations

I have already recomended Indy Neildell's The Great War podcast about WWI. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUcyEs … 69RRVhRh4A

Now he's making "Indy Neildell's WWII week by week". https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1Aej … YkZAELRhHQ
The podcast has episodes on everything from generals to how to make Woolton pie. don't miss it!

I have also discovered the podcast "History on fire" http://historyonfirepodcast.com/
History on Fire is a podcast by author and university history professor Daniele Bolelli.
Whether you like history or not, if you care about bravery, wisdom, passion, larger than life characters and some of the most emotionally intense moments in human experience, you have come to the right place. Bolelli shall be your guide in a journey to the place where history and epic collide.

Bolelli also has a lovable Italian accent  ajb007/biggrin


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When it comes to podcasts everything by Indy Neidell is great! "The DicKtionary" have about ten minute long episodes where he goes throught the alphabeth by topic and focuses on a person related to the topic - A is Air Force and is about General "Bombs away" LeMay. The podcast avioids the most infamous examples like Stalin or Hitler, instead of mostly less famous, and always less infamous people. Neidell gives you their biography in a fun and entertaining way and  ranks their positive and negative sides, then ranks how much of a d*ck the person was at the end of each episode. Educational and fun!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP8Bq6e … mp;index=1

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