Topic: FS Miniature TB Rocketbelts made by original pilot

Hi guys.... posting this on behalf of William Suitor, the original Rocketbelt Pilot from Thunderball.  He's made a Limited edition of the Rocketbelt himself, signed and numbered.

All payments to William directly, I'm not making any money from this, just doing it cause he's a great guy !
There may be some collectors who would be interested in one.

When "Q" branch needed equipment that would allow for the perfect escape, the Bell-Textron Jet Pack fit the bill perfectly.  Bond ignites the rocket belt on the balcony at the French chateau of Jacques Boitier in an attempt to escape to his waiting Aston Martin DB5.  One of the daring stunt pilots who flew the jet pack that day was William "Willy" Suitor, the original "Rocket Man".  Bill not only flew the jet pack during filming of "Thunderball", but went on to fly it at many other venues around the world - including in front of a world wide audience at the Summer Olympics of 1984!

Offered for the first time anywhere is this handmade replica of that famous Jet Pack he flew back in the day.  A limited number of only 100 were made by Bill over a 6 month period.  Included in this offering is a numbered, signed miniature version of the Jet Pack along with a private photo that was taken during the filming of the stunt.  No Bond collection would be complete without this fantastic replica of one of the most astounding pieces of "Q" branch technology!

Signed and numbered hand made miniature Bell Rocketbelt, B-2  as flown in the James Bond movie "Thunderball" in 1965 by William Suitor, along with a 8" X 10" signed and numbered (to match rocket belt number), photos can be personalized. Numbers are available on a first come basis I will try to honor the requests but if requesting send a list of numbers you would like, first, second , third choice.     

Rocket belt and photo set ......$150.00 U.S.
Shipping and handling.....$15.00 U.S.
                                          $ 25.00 Canada
                                           $35.00 all others
Payment can be made directly to Bill through PayPal at: williamsuitor@yahoo.com