Topic: Plot devices that are obsolete today.

You know the way, that everybody keeps saying that the cold war is over. Even M calls Bod, in couple of the films, a "cold war dinosaur" or something to that effect. The enemies are no longer the Russians, well maybe soon again, but at the moment it's ecoterrorists, business men with dark souls and strange illuminati like kabbalas that run things in the shadowy background.

Well, the plot devices that are obsolete crept a few decades forward with this piece of news: https://nordic.businessinsider.com/gnss … S&IR=T

"GNSS jamming equipment costs $300"

Today, all Elliot Carver needed to do is order one from the internet, and no-one would bat an eye, much less send a killer to retrieve it!

"I mean, she almost kills bond...with her ass."
-Mr Arlington Beech


Re: Plot devices that are obsolete today.

Well Carver did kinda get it from a certain kind of flea market.

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