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Well today I'm gonna to try something different cause we gonna to talk about Bond's nephew. So we all know the 12th James Bond Jr. published in US. But there is also 10 rare mini-comics. During last year I menaged with a friend to track 7 of them (http://www.commander007.net/2018/02/a-d … s-bond-jr/) :

- V.I.P. Treatment
- Dressed To Kill
- Close Encounters Of The S.C.U.M. Kind!
- Thunder In The Congo!
- Venetian Bind!
- Slay bells in the snow
- Peak Performance!
- Race To The Finish!

Well did somebody have or know the last three mini-story? I mean there existence aren't even listed anywhere on internet ; they are so rares. Could be great to list them (I mean it's probably one of the last Bond thing that aren't listed).



Re: James Bond Jr. (very) rare UK comics

I take it that these mini-comics were free with Kellogg's breakfast cereal then?

I see their logo on some of the pictures posted above. It might explain why they are so rare.

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Re: James Bond Jr. (very) rare UK comics

Very interesting find!  It never ceases to amaze me the amount of rare merchandise their is for James Bond.


Re: James Bond Jr. (very) rare UK comics

These are reprints of the US comics published by Marvel UK. Inside, the stories are identical to the US versions although with different editorial content for the UK market including some free gifts. You should be able to pick up copies from either 30th Century Comics or Silver Acre Comics, two companies I used to offload comics to when I was a used bookseller.

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Re: James Bond Jr. (very) rare UK comics

Yeah, I already have the US comics of JB Jr., but the additional 5 pages mini-stories aren't inside, they are only on these UK one. But I take any advice. (And yes I think it was in cereal).