Topic: Ah, Nostalgia. . .

So today it was announced that Robert Pattinson has been cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman for the upcoming film The Batman, and fan backlash has been amazing, with people demanding that the role be recast and some declaring that Edward from Twilight can NEVER be Batman.  Hmmm. . .all this sounds very familiar.  I myself was one of those who, back in the proverbial day, said he would never accept Daniel Craig as James Bond, yet today I'm dreading the idea of him leaving the role.  Do you think Bat-fans might be in a similar situation--and does anyone else regret their earlier pre-judgment of Craig?

. . .And do you think someone will start a website called PattinsonNotBatman?

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Re: Ah, Nostalgia. . .

I'll wait until I see the movie before I judge it. I was way wrong about the Nolan Batman when I first heard the cast announced. I swore I'd never see it. Michael Caine as Alfred  ajb007/lol  But for some reason, I went and saw it and was very wrong. Then I laughed hard at the casting of Heath Ledger as Joker. I was wrong again. I was also shocked Craig was cast as Bond. Didn't judge the casting, but I know he wasn't the favorite to be cast. I know lots of people adore him as Bond. The woman don't really love his looks, but they do love his confidence. I work with a younger than me female who thinks Craig is the sexiest man alive. I just wish I was better looking than Craig.

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Re: Ah, Nostalgia. . .

I was one who thought that Craig didn’t look the part but was hugely impressed by CR. I don’t think the rebooted series has Bond portrayed as elegant and snobbish as previous incarnations but apart from the lamentable QOS I’ve enjoyed it so far.

After Craig leaves I would like another reboot and start again from CR and remake all the books in chronological order with a Connery style persona.

As for Pattinson as Batman, I don’t see why he wouldn’t do a decent job of it.

By the way, nostalgia’s not what it used to be  ajb007/biggrin

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