Topic: Bond Theme Deconstruction

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There is a guy named Rick Beato whose YouTube videos I have become addicted to.  Basically, he is a music expert -- a former jazz guitarist and professor who "discovered" rock and roll relatively late and became a producer and songwriter in the late 1990s and 2000s.  He has a YouTube channel where he posts videos on all manner of topics, from deeply technical music theory (way beyond me, probably better understood by someone like Barbel) to expositions of why certain artists and songs are successful musically.  He has a superb series of 60+ videos entitled "What Makes This Song Great" in which he breaks down songs into their component parts.  His knowledge of music is immense, and his enthusiasm for the subject is really fun to see.

Last week, he posted a video devoted to our favorite piece of theme music.


Hilly...you old devil!