Re: Listening to my new CDs


Well, well, for a film I generally dislike, this soundtrack has a lot to recommend it.

I'm not a fan of Garbage's opener. It feels as if it is trying to be too much like a James Bond Theme, something many of the songs from the 60s and 70s don't, and while this might be seen as flattery, it's actually just laziness. I was surprised to discover the tune is written by David Arnold and Don Black; Garbage - or rather Shirley Manson - merely performs it. Which makes me wonder why they didn't ask a more accomplished singer to take part - Scott Walker, perhaps, who graces the melancholy finale 'Only Myself to Blame' with his customary dexterity. I digress...

Neither tune is particularly successful, so its no shock to find Arnold relying much more on the James Bond Theme in this one. It's ripped off distinctly on two tracks. Come In OO7, Your Time Is Up may as well be Arnold's Bond '99; it races along and I thoroughly enjoyed this, more so than the speedboat chase it accompanies. Similarly Caviar Factory enters the spirit of Bond and has a wonderful swishing musical effect (not sure how they created that) which replicates the buzz of those deadly saw blades.

There are two more longer exerts which I found less successful, falling foul of Arnold's trademark of more being more. In fact most of the last quarter, as Bond reaches Istanbul and the climax comes upon us, is quite dull and doesn't have the strong themes of the earlier sections. Arnold's much better with shorter themes: Casino is good, opulent, understated; Elektra's Theme presents her character in musical form; Pipeline has tension; Body Double is lightweight, slightly humorous.

A good edition. Not a classic score, but competent.