Topic: John Gardner James Bond Novels Spybrary Podcast (feat Silhouette Man!)

I thought that members here might be interested in a podcast on John Gardner's James Bond continuation novels that I recently took part in along with Alice Dyden (Agent_99 on MI6 Community, @Huskyteer on Twitter) and Edward Biddulph (of the James Bond Memes and James Bond Food blogs).

I think that Alice did a great job of guest presenting a podcast for the very first time. Shane Whaley is of course the main presenter and creator of Spybrary. Alice also appears in the episode on Helen McInnes (Spybrary Episode 66) and one on John Le Carré. Edward made a great contribution too.

It was great fun to be a part of and I hope you enjoy our discussion. It just went "live" on the Spybrary podcast website the other day.

You can listen to the podcast (Spybrary Episode 79) and read the show notes by simply clicking on the large clickable link provided below or alternatively you can search for 'spybrary' wherever you source your podcasts.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!


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