Topic: How wealthy is Bond?

How wealthy is Bond?

The novels portray him as not being particular wealthy—perhaps slightly wealthier than the average middleclass clerical worker in the 1950s. In the novels he displays fine tastes in food, drink and cars, but not so much that these tastes cost him a fortune to appreciate. His drives a second hand Bentley for instance and isn’t particularly ostentatious.

In the films, however (especially the Brosnan and Craig ones), he comes across as very wealthy: wearing expensive “designer” suits and £8000 Omega watches. I was going to add that he also drives expensive sports cars, but those have been provided by Q. The same could be said of his watches—or at least those that are seen as having modifications made to them by Q.

Could he be wealthy on the salary of an MI6 officer? I somehow doubt it. Or perhaps he has inherited money. His country home in Scotland in SF suggests this.

So what is the truth of the matter?