Topic: WTB Swarovski collection


I know it's a long shot but wondering if anyone has any of the collection they would like to sell or know of location

Pieces I'm current looking for are the Heat Seeker earrings, all of the Black Bamboo collection, the Love Knot earings, ring and bangle

thanks in advance


Re: WTB Swarovski collection

Your best bet now is EBay.... All long gone..
Bought everything for my wife apart from the bamboo earrings as theyd already sold out...
After 3 years of searching and posts on here, a member kindly relented and sold me a pair...

Skewered, one sympathises...

1. CR. 2. TSWLM. 3. LTK. 4. GF. 5. SF.


Re: WTB Swarovski collection


Yes that's where I have picked up the bits I have just thought I would take a chance on here

Hopefully they will turn up soon


Re: WTB Swarovski collection

I've got the black bamboo necklace..