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One movie that I never understood the hype for is Rushmore (1998),  and this is coming from a lifelong Bill Murray fan. I found the story too off beat, humor wise for me and I just could not route for either Murray or Jason Schwarzenmen at all. Give me both Ghostbusters movies over this any day.


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In the spirit of this thread I revisited Apocalypse Now and found it somewhat of a mixed bag. The first 45 minutes or so were excellent, but after the surfing scene it got boring and repetitive.  Brando was a big letdown and Sheen didn't do much other than maintain a stunned look on his face the entire time.

The toll that FFC took on the environment to even make this film is hard to watch. Ends up feeling like a bloated, self-important film.

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Any French movie... especially the " comedies. "


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Donny Darko
The Matrix (fell asleep in the cinema)
The Anchorman.


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Blade runner,  I found it Boring. Same with the new movie.  ajb007/crap

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I'll name 2:

The Hangover: Prob one of my least favorite comedies ever.  It's been years since I saw it, so can't comment much.

Spider-Man: Homecoming: it's currently my least fave MCU film.  Don't like what they did with Peter Parker and his world, basically (though I did like his friend).  Also, the villain is awesome.

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I'm real tempted to argue a lot of these, but that's the whole point: these are celebrated films, and I admire you freethinking iconoclasts having enough confidence in your own tastes instead of just memorising the textbook. No need to go round in circles debating these.
except, Let me just say the new Hollywood era produced several of my favourite filme ever, including especially Chinatown, Taxi Driver and Apocalypse Now, all mentioned above.

There's a lot of indy artfilms I call shenanigans on. Making a technically bad film with no plot, amateur actors, dialog that would be weak if it was improvised but its actually scripted, static camera shots of cheap ugly interiors ... much of that's what a director has to do for their first film, but once their talent got spotted and the're handed a budget they should do better, not make a career out of this same limited repertoire of moves. Generally speaking, Jim Jarmusch and Richard Linklater are particular big offenders.