Topic: WTB: Vesper's Sony Ericsson M600i mobile phone (in white)

Hi all,

I've been searching online for one of these, but all I've found is web sites that will happily take orders, but then cancel them a few days later saying they are "out of stock."  Well, no kidding.  It's been out of production for years now.   ajb007/rolleyes

Why I'm looking:  I've put together a briefcase of props to display at an upcoming 007 film festival in San Francisco.  It will sit on the passenger seat of an Aston Martin DBS, similar to the one that appears in QoS.  I'm trying to fill it with items that our favorite spy might have with him on his way to capture Mr. White at the end of CR.  I have an intelligence report on the Villa at Lake Como, a rather thin dossier of Mr. White, and map of the area.  What I'm missing is Vesper's white Sony Ericsson M600i mobile phone. 

If you have one you would be willing to part with, let me know!  Let's make a deal. 


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