Topic: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

Anyone has bought any of these?

https://www.leathercult.com/celebrity-j … 67daa025fb

I'm looking for a nice alternative to the actual jacket and this looks like a good not as expensive one but i'm really confused with the colors..
The recommended one is old vintage tan which looks way different than the original Menlo that DC wore in Skyfall...

If i were to order from that site, what color should i pick to get it screen accurate?

PS: If you know any other good alternatives to the jacket post them below please  ajb007/martini


Re: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

Honestly I’d hold out for the real thing. They come up for sale here and on eBay and you might get lucky especially if you are an uncommon size.


Re: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

That jacket replica looks wayyyyy too long !!!!


Re: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

I think the Wested one is nice (even if you’d never confuse it for the original) and in a way I prefer the fit to the Menlo.


Re: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

What's the best skin to get from wested to get the jacket as SA as possible?
I can't find other good alternatives and can't afford Menlo


Re: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

Found this which even though is not a copy of the Menlo , i think the style and colour is pretty similar and i'm very satisfied with it


What do you guys think?   ajb007/martini  ajb007/martini


Re: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

That looks really nice; I like how the seams are a little distressed. If you're happy with it that's the main thing!


Re: Levi's Menlo from Leathercult

If the quality of the jacket resembles the quality of the text on the website , I would avoid this like the plague.

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