Topic: We've only see Craig's Bond twice

I realised recently that we've only really seen Craig's Bond at two time points/missions.

Compared to the other Bonds, where each film was standalone, Craig's Bond films bleed into each other. So much so, that his first two and second two occur together.

Casino Royale leads right up to the start of Quantum of solace. Both films deal with the same short period of time when Bond begins his 00 status.

Then, Skyfall takes place shortly before Spectre. The PTS doesn't take too long before the main film despite Bond 'enjoying death' and having his stuff sold. I'm not sure how long there is in between films, but it cant be more than a few weeks due to M's death and her video to Bond.

So we've only seen Bond at the start of his career for about ~1 or 2 weeks. Then we see Bond just before his retirement (?) for maybe a few weeks.

So we've only seen him at two time points, totalling about maybe a month or so out of his whole tenure. No Time to Die is essentially his third appearance.