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Origin #10 is out now, Bond is recovering from his injuries he received in the last issue. Additionally his old friend Royal Navy Lt. Cmdr. Ronald Weldon has been murdered. Cmdr. Weldon was apparently involved in the black market in some capacity which is why he was killed. I really like the artwork on this series, as I mentioned before. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.


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Got issue #8 of the monthly series today, not much in the action department in this issue. It does build on the character of Goldfinger though and their are some nice bits with M and Miss Moneypenny at MI6.  I really wonder how Bond will get himself out of the situation he is in. Goldfinger had a scientist implant a device on Bond's neck which is designed to release endorphins when a wearer follows orders from Goldfinger, and releases electric shocks when the subject does not follow orders. The device is also set up to prevent the wearer from removing it forcefully.


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Issue 11 of Origin arrived at comic book stores yesterday, it was a fun read. Great to see Bond gambling again and how quick he is at picking up when strange things are going on. He also decoded a message using a cipher key that Lt. Cmdr. Weldon showed him how to use. It is also nice that this series has Bond using his wits, marksmanship and hand to hand combat skills in lieu of gadgets to help him out when in dangerous situations. Next month marks the end of the Origin series, which I am a little sad to see end. Glad that the monthly series is continuing.


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The last issue of the Origin series arrives this Wednesday at comic book stores.  Looking forward to reading it and the next issue of the monthly series. I really hope that down the road Dynamite publishing has some more One Shot stories planed since many fans have enjoyed them. Also I wonder if there are plans for an adaption of Bond 25 as a comic book. It seem like it is a rare event now to have the screenplay of a major movie adapted as a comic book or novel like it was in the 1970's and 1980's.


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Got the 9th issue of the monthly series on Wednesday, things are far from over for Mr. Goldfinger. I don't want to be to spoiler heavy so I will just say this issue mostly plot exposition with a short action scene in the middle. M and Moneypenny get lots to say, whenever M speaks I hear actor Eamon Walker in my head. Looking forward to the final issue next month, I must that overall this series is pretty good despite the occasional lack of action.


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Just finished the Origin anthology and didn't realize that it was only Part 1!  Looking forward to Part 2 and I'm so appreciative that my public library (San Francisco) has Part 1 in digital format.  My general feedback without spoilers is that I like it so far.  I like the characterization of young Bond, which I find adequate considering the comic format.   Bond is also physically depicted how he is described in the books.

However, having read all the Young Bond novels by Charlie Higson and Steve Cole, in comparison with Origin the transition between Bond's school life and active service is a bit abrupt.   Also, the comic format doesn't allow for the richer characterization, esp. Bond's point of view, which throughout his literary history is what best defined the world of Bond, but that's understandable.  Also, the comic format practically demands more over-the-top action compared to the novels, esp. Young Bond, who was tastefully "held back" from the Bond staples of sex and homicide.

Overall, I liked Origin a lot because it put Bond back in the world (somewhat) and timeline of the original Fleming novels.

"...the purposeful slant of his striding figure looked dangerous, as if he was making quickly for something bad that was happening further down the street." -SMERSH on 007 dossier photo, Ch. 6 FRWL.....