Topic: James Bond: Greatest Film Series?

Why are the James Bond 007 films the greatest film series of all time? Discuss.


Re: James Bond: Greatest Film Series?

1) Longevity.  Coming up on 58 years!

2) Cultural impact across generations, even though some generations are more into Bond than others.

3) The James Bond theme.

4) All the awesome posters framed in my basement.  ajb007/biggrin

Hilly...you old devil!


Re: James Bond: Greatest Film Series?

1) Shelf Life (Can virtually be seen in any weather, timelessness of the "greats")
2) Time Capsule (Speaking of time, both the books and the films share this. You can't get a Concorde to Rio anymore ajb007/bond )
3) Cultural Impact
4) Creating the framework for the modern action movie
5) Appreciation for the finer things in life

My top picks. I wish I could add the DBS in my garage...if only it was real ajb007/biggrin

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