Topic: WTB - TF Solden Jacket - EU52

Hi Guys

In the UK and looking to purchase the navy Tom Ford Solden jacket in 52 (unless others can advise if I should take the size 54 currently available online)

I a 6'2" 205lbs slim but muscular/athletic build - I take 52 in my TF suits and they fit just how I like - close/fitted. I am therefore assuming my best fit for the Solden will also be a size EU 52.

I am  hoping somebody here is willing to part with their Navy Solden in 52 (Preferably UK or EU based of course) - or advise if I should size up to the 54 that is currently available at Costume Limité 



Re: WTB - TF Solden Jacket - EU52

Def go with a 52
Im similar build

Skewered, one sympathises...

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