Topic: No decent John Barry Collection in Vinyl?

It does seem odd in the era of double- and triple-dipping that no eBay search produces a decent John Barry compilation on vinyl.

In fact, the only half-decent Barry collection is a long-standing CD The Best of John Barry which owes most to his 1960s coffee shop numbers and Bond tracks (no Nancy Sinatra doing YOLT, no Beat Girl sadly) and closes with Born Fee, Out of Africa and Dances With Wolves (no Body Heat though). This isn't available on vinyl however. And even then, it's hardly comprehensive.

Maybe copyright stops a decent compilation, but it seems a good opportunity is going begging.

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Re: No decent John Barry Collection in Vinyl?

Napoleon Plural wrote:

Born Fee

...which he only did for the money?  ajb007/biggrin

Seriously, I don't do vinyl any more so can't help you but there is a very decent and very cheap 3CD set called "The Real John Barry" which has its own thread in this forum. Might be worth a look.