Topic: James Bond Fans Anonymous: Sharing the indignities of being a Bond fan

The idea for this thread came to me earlier this week. However, if I'm being truthful the roots of this thread go back many years to all of those occasions I can remember being castigated in some way or other simply for being a James Bond fan and enthusiast. This thread is for the James Bond fans assembled here to offload any of the negativity, indignity or bad feelings they have encountered as part of being a James Bond fan in the outside world, especially at the hands of non-Bond fans. It's based on Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous, only without the attendant negativity of those serious addictions!

I will share my experiences of this sort of thing in a short while. This is your safe space to discuss these sorts of experiences with other like-minded Bond fans so use it or lose it! You can of course be assured of a sympathetic audience here. 

James Bond Fans Anonymous is hereby open for business!

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Re: James Bond Fans Anonymous: Sharing the indignities of being a Bond fan

I can imagine how the guys who wear Bond movie-specific ensembles in their daily activities ...and communicates this fact to their family and friends must get a lot of ribbing from them  ajb007/takecover

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Re: James Bond Fans Anonymous: Sharing the indignities of being a Bond fan

What a wonderful idea  ajb007/martini
Hello, my name is Chris and I'm a Bond fan.
Derision! It comes in many forms, my wife has often derided me for my late night itv4 habit where on an incrediblely frequent basis a Bond film is played, they are rarely in any order and full of ad breaks but I can't help but tune in, which is often accompanied by my wife, sighing, rolling her eyes and coming out with such things as "not bloody bond again" or "why is this stuff always on TV" and "it's so cheesy, how can you watch it over and over again"

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Re: James Bond Fans Anonymous: Sharing the indignities of being a Bond fan

Hello my number is 0073 and I am a.... well I wouldn't go as far as calling my self a fan. I mean I can quit, just like that, when ever I want... I don't want to sound like I had this problem, you know, I have it all very much under control.

Anyways, I went into this cafe in Finland, and behind the counter on a shelf was a Chemex. So I tell the young lady; "Oh wow you have one those, did you know that James Bond has one of those!" She looks me in the eyes with this dead pan expression on her face, and I can immediately feel the "deck under my feet shifting" as my ship starts to flounder. An older lady comes to the counter; "What was this?" she inquires looking at her, obviously demanding an explanation. So I offer again; "That Chemex, James Bond has one of those, I mean in one of the novels" Now I'm starting to regret to ever even going to that cafe, at the same moment my wife comes to the counter. "What is it dear?". And NOW the young lady decides to comprehend!!! -"He said that James Bond has this coffee maker". T h e y  a r e  a l l  s t a r i n g  a t  m e ! 
And I can read all of their minds, as clear as a day: the older lady thinks I was trying to hit on the young lady behind the counter, my wife is feeling smug "I told you you would take this too far some day" and the young lady is thinking "w4nker, you should get out more"......
So I did what man can do in a situation like this: I held up the pack of coffee I had selected from the shelf, "How much is this?.... ahh that is Too Much for an indifferent blend with an overdose of lightly roasted Kenyan" and I made as dignified exit as possible with out wasting any time.

Thank you for letting me share my story.

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Re: James Bond Fans Anonymous: Sharing the indignities of being a Bond fan

What a very interesting thread.  You know, I've gotten little flack for being a Bond fan.  The worst of it was when I was young and wore suits all the time for work and people somehow equated that with my being a Bond fan -- it was really because my previous job had required suits, and though the new job was more flexible, I didn't see any reason for them to sit in a closet until styles changed.

I have had girlfriends who laughed at Bond and the concept but never really did my interest.  They just didn't get it, thinking the films juvenile and basically the same idea over and over.  A few friends feel that way, too.

I've taken much more guff for being a Star Trek fan (though really that's only of the original series and some of the movies).  I've also shown Bond clips in class to illustrate concepts, and some students roll their eyes.  But most are fine with it, and more than a few interested, laughing at the right parts and getting involved with the scene, especially the older films.


Re: James Bond Fans Anonymous: Sharing the indignities of being a Bond fan

ajb007/lol  You guys had it easy, You want to try being a Bond fan in a
Nationalist / Republican part of N.Ireland ?  Where all things
British are shunned. Having a hero who regularly few the flag
did cause a few awkward moments  ajb007/biggrin

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Re: James Bond Fans Anonymous: Sharing the indignities of being a Bond fan

Hello my name is Stephen, and as a proud second generation James Bond fan, for the most part people did not mind my enjoyment of the films.

However one time at college, it did put me in an awkward situation. I had just seen Skyfall at the cinema and I was sharing how much I enjoyed it when a woman at the table in the dining hall I was sitting at, made a mean comment. She had a major dislike for spy movies and seemed to relish putting them down. Thankfully, a female friend of mine came to my defense saying that she wanted to know my opinion on Skyfall and did not mind that I went overboard in talking about how much I enjoyed it.