Topic: Petition for a new bond game

Petition for a new bond game

We totally need this, we haven't had a new bond game since 2012.

https://www.change.org/p/eon-production … ideo-games


Re: Petition for a new bond game

I agree, its been far too long since we had a decent James Bond video game. I really wish that Scientific Games( who hold the license now) would reach out the fans and give us something. With the longer periods between the movies now, the video games have helped me get through them.


Re: Petition for a new bond game

I'm good for ... YES, We need another Bond Game ... Cheers everyone  ajb007/martini

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Re: Petition for a new bond game

Never say never, but it doesnt look like this will happen
In the imminent future.

What would you want out of a bond game??

I thought maybe a Lego james bond game, where each of the bonds gets 5-6 levels for one of the bond films.
Sean- Thunderball
Roger- The Spy Who Loved me
Tim Dalton- Living Daylights
Pierce- Tomorrow never dies
Daniel- SPECTRE.

And make it in the same vein as other lego games so it appeals to a mass audience and younger audience too.
I can't noone has thought to marry James Bond and Lego in a Videogame. We've had a million star wars games and superheroes so why not.

Heres for hoping.