Topic: Tracy's Cougar Interior Shots Please

Does anyone have any good interior shots of Tracy's Cougar XR-7, showing the gauges/instruments, console, steering wheel, back seat, radio, etc.

Does the car have power windows, which were an option? My build sheet does not mention it.

There is a white 69 Cougar for sale with nearly the same specification, except, what I can see, are lack of bumper guards (a factory option $13.00 in 1968) This car has power windows. A great starting place for a Tracy replica. You'll need the edge guards, bumper guards, new decals and pin striping, swap out the interior, and a spot of paint, and you are there...Oh and the $90K to buy the car. Good paint job is about $50K with engine out, inside the hood and boot lids, jams, etc. Would be a pity, though to change a highly original car like this one. Most of them became lowriders in the 1980s, when they were $500. (The 427 car were never cheap, tough)

https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/de … 82475.html

Love to find that luggage rack and ski rack. Wonder if they are Ford or local (Swiss off the shelf) items?
My dad had a ski rack in the same position on his '68 Beetle, and I used to pretend it was a Cougar while going up to the snow in the early 70s. Hummed the OHMSS soundtrack as there were no iPods in those days. Drove dad insane!

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Re: Tracy's Cougar Interior Shots Please

Too bad you didn't ask this a few months back when we were in Portugal/Switzerland with a near replica!

You might contact the IFF as they own the car currently (?) on display at BiM; surely they have interior reference photos.

I want to say the ski rack was custom but, again, the IFF would be your best bet on that info, too.


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Thanks, PMJB,
I shall start the trail with the IFF.
Cheers, Tom


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Here are a few that I found. Hope it helps. --Ed