Topic: Goldfinger strap from WatchGecko?

Apologies if this should just be posted in the watch topics but I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on the “Connery Nylon/NATO”?

There was a HUGE debate awhile back about the colors but I am pretty confident in thinking that there is no black on the strap. It’s a dark navy? I have done a lot of research and it looks like everyone who puts the straps out makes them too bright.

I spotted a NATO Brushed vintage Bond strap from WatchGecko/WatchGeckota. Hasn’t come in yet but the following is the photo posted from the seller.

What does everyone think? I like how the colors appear to be much darker and vintage looking versus the bright colors.




Re: Goldfinger strap from WatchGecko?

I own it and I like it a lot more than the brighter straps you mention. It gets my approval and I think it is a lot more accurate than other straps I've seen.


Re: Goldfinger strap from WatchGecko?

I also own it and I am happy with the overall quality as well as the colour which on my eyes is the most accurate you can get.


Re: Goldfinger strap from WatchGecko?

WatchGecko puts out nice products, and this one is no exception.  The colors are the most SA in my opinion.  You'll be happy with it all around.

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Re: Goldfinger strap from WatchGecko?

I bought a Zulu strap from them the other day in the Spectre style (I didn't realise there was a difference!) and I must admit I find it incredibly uncomfortable: all of those buckles right where the veins in your wrist are. I'm not blaming Watchgecko for that, I just don't get why anyone would wear it! ajb007/smile