Topic: FS: All 14 Fleming Bond books First Edition Library Collection

I'm offering up my complete set of all 14 Ian Fleming James Bond books from the First Edition Library. Exact reproductions of the famous Jonathan Cape first editions.  Each comes in its own slipcover.  All are in mint condition - most have never been taken out of their slipcovers and OHMSS has never been taken out of its original shrink wrap.  I've seen these go for a few grand for a complete set. Asking $1600, plus shipping.  I'm going to throw them up on eBay next week but I thought I'd give the members here a shot at them first. PM me with questions.  Cheers!

(Will ship USPS Priority from zip code 44107.  To figure out your postage, try this link and click on "Flat Rate Box."
It'll be the biggest box at the top of the page)


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