Topic: James Bond Playlist

What would be your bond playlist in the ballpark of 80 minutes or less?

including Eon, non eon and spy related movies i.e kingsman and mission impossible heres mine

Its almost put together in the sense of making its own bond film with other scores.

Exercises at Gibraltar- The Living Daylights  (PTS)

Licence to Kill- Licence to Kill (Title Song)

Into Miami- Goldfinger

Journey To Blofeld's Hideaway- On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Mr Wint & Mr Kidd- Diamonds Are Forever

Let's Go Get Em- The Man With The Golden Gun

We Share The Same Passions- Goldeneye

Switching The Body- Thunderball

Boat Chase- Live And Let Die

Licence : 2 Kills- Casino Royale (Opening)

A Touch Of Frost- Die Another Day

Hamburg Break Out- Tomorrow Never Dies

Close Shave- Skyfall

Wine With Stacy- A View To A Kill

Secret Room- Spectre

Bond Arrives In Rio- Moonraker

Mojave Club- The Spy Who Loved Me

NightFall- You Only Live Twice

009 Gets the Knife- Octopussy

Cavier Factory- The World Is Not Enough

End Title- Quantum Of Solace

Capsule In Space- Auralnauts REMIX

This is currently my playlist on the build up to Bond 25, Bring it on, its looking real good so far, im so pumped.

Does anyone else have a playlist they totally dig to get them in the mood for bond?

Apologies if this topic has been discussed in depth beforehand.  ajb007/smile


Re: James Bond Playlist

I would love to see something like this or your exact playlist on Spotify. Not just the title tracks but the other music cues.