Re: Man from UNCLE Collectable Thread and For Sale

Resurrecting an old thread to say yippee!!!  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol

I finally got a size L UNCLE jacket at a great price.

Thanks to GS for pointing the jacket out to me.  ajb007/martini

Part of the reason for the great price was some snags on the wrist. The GBP hitting a near record low against the USD also helped.

After some research I found someone local with great reviews to fix the sleeve. A San Francisco leather store that does great work quoted me $65 for the work. My price to fix was only $13 and here are the results:


Re: Man from UNCLE Collectable Thread and For Sale

Great jacket!

That was definitely one of the most stylish movies to come out in the last decade. There have been rumors for years about the possibility of a sequel. It's apparently being written...