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I'm hoping this is an acceptable post for you - obviously let me know! But I've just ghostwritten and published the memoir of a long-time stuntman, Jim Dowdall. (He's over 70 but still working hard.) He worked on eight of the Bond films, from 'Thunderball' up to 'Die Another Day'. He was under the train in 'Octopussy' (after Roger Moore's double nearly died under the train) and he was driving the tank and stunt co-ordinating in 'GoldenEye', and a whole lot more.

Plus, it must be said, he's been in about every war and action film of the last 50 years, from working with Lee Marvin in 'The Dirty Dozen' to Brad Pitt in 'Fury'. He takes us behind the scenes and shows how the stunts are done, what it takes to be a stuntman or woman, and explains why cat litter and oven glass are essential to stunts like getting blown up or being set on fire.

The 160-page book has two chapters devoted to Bond, and he gives some fascinating insights and reveals great tricks of the trade. If you wanted to have a look then here is the link to Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2q47xVc  And here's the US link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/19999 … &psc=1

I really enjoyed interviewing Jim and putting the book together, and learned a lot about the films, the stunts, and why I could never be a stuntman! I hope you enjoy it too, but if anyone wants to review it then please just say and I'll send a review copy. Many thanks, Graham.



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Sounds good, thanks. I've made a small change to the heading which I hope you approve of.


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Barbel wrote:

Sounds good, thanks. I've made a small change to the heading which I hope you approve of.

Thoroughly approve! Thank you.


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Thank you for the heads up, I will defiantly be checking this book out in the near future.