Topic: Vic Flick sells a guitar

Every now and then Youtube's recommendations throw up something of some interest. In this case it was a clip from the History Channel show, Pawn Stars, and it is a compilation of clips featuring guitars played by famous players. I've never watched Pawn Stars, but I do enjoy watching videos about iconic guitars so I decided to give it a go. A few minutes into the video a man walks into the store who looked vaguely familiar and then after about ten seconds or so I realised, "Hey, that's Vic Flick!"

So after watching the video I did some research and discovered that this clip dates back to a Pawn Stars episode from 2013, and from what I've read Vic Flick did well out of the deal because the pawn shop only managed to sell his Stratocaster for a lot less than what they payed him for it. I enjoyed the part in the clip where they called in the guitar expert who was clearly delighted to be meeting Flick - that was nice to see. But it does make one wonder what prompted Flick to want to sell the guitar (and on a reality show to boot!)

Hope the clip is of some interest to fellow Bond music fans....



Re: Vic Flick sells a guitar

Wow, that was unexpected! Thanks Golrush!