Topic: UK EU Royale Solden Jacket V1 Small

Hi all,

I have the V1 solden jacket for sale as I now have the TF version as a gift. It is currently sold out with Dan so this might be your chance to grab one.

I paid a bit of money shipping it to London and I got taxed on it. Iam a size 48 with the TF version and this is just a bit small for me on the shoulders and chest (I do weights).

FULL disclosure the elastic waist band of V1 is not very well made. It tends to be a bit tight and I believe there are tape inside to hold its shape during the manufacturing according to Dan. Apparently you can soak it with water and stretch it gently (as per Dan's email which I can provide) as I didn't do it to mine.

I have worn the item quite a bit but there are no rips or holes and it's been generally well taken care of.

Please send your offers through as I honestly don't know how much I should ask for it.