Topic: Ahead of the Bond film curve?

I was reflecting on the few times when I have been ahead of the curve in purchasing Bond items or brands. it's rare but rather satisfying.

Sanders boots: Now on my third pair and bought well ahead of Spectre though admittedly inspired by Steve McQueen. I have noticed that the soles on this version seem to be lasting much better but not sure if that is a change in formulation or just my use or good luck. I also have a pair of Danish "Playboys" that claim to be the real thing. Slightly more bulky toe box but an even more robust sole. Difficult to source though. I prefer the Sanders shape.

Omega Aqua Terra: already a known Bond brand but not this model. I bought a black 2500 model around 2008 and still love its simplicity and slimmer profile than the 8500 - itself a great watch.

Massimo Alba cord pants: I bought the beige version a while back from Mr Porter and ahead of the NTTD revelation. MA is great quality and the cord is incredibly light - I'd always thought it a cooler season cloth until receiving them and I wear them a lot in our warm climate. Looking forward to getting the grey version.

I also have some looser claims - other Barbour jackets and Smedley knitwear come to mind.

When have you done this?


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Honestly? Never. And if it wasn't for Bond i'd never have purchased any Bond-related brands like sunspel and omega etc.


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Much like 005, I'd never have sought out the Bond look were it not for DC.  The only items I can claim prior to CR are a Rolex Sub and German PPK.

I was about ten years behind on the wardrobe overhaul.  It took recommitting to regular physical fitness to confidently don some Bond style.  I'm just glad I can still pull it off.

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Re: Ahead of the Bond film curve?

I was wearing Crockett & Jones long before they became a Bond brand. I put horn buttons on my pea coat years before Bond wore the Billy Reid pea coat with horn buttons. I was a big fan of brown cords before Bond wore them in Skyfall.


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I had a pair of C&J Norwich shoes before Bond did  ajb007/lol

Yes. Considerably!

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I wore grey cords and boat shoes in middle school. Does that count?  ajb007/lol


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Ditto with Crockett and Jones, and Lobb.

I had the Barbour for what seems like two years before SF was filmed, I was actually on my second.  I was even watching the thread when people were trying to identify what it was.  And although I thought it was familiar, it still didn’t register.