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I had no problems at all. There is a slight touch of Norwegian in Scottish and perhaps Irish too, so perhaps that'sthe resaon.

Oh, well, I'm very glad to hear it. I always worry about how regional accents convey themselves in other countries. I'm never very keen on hearing my own voice played back on a recording either although I did listen to it all the way through to hear how it sounded!

We all feel we sound different in recordings. Don't worry about it.

I probably worry too much about things like that. That's just me. I'm glad my accent wasn't an issue for you and I must say I never knew that about Scottish/Irish accents! Anyway, I'm glad you found the Spybrary podcast of interest and there are thankfully many more there to listen to and enjoy. ajb007/smile

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How To F#€k Up An Airport

The new Berlin airport costs five times the original estimate, is eleven years late and it still hasn't opened. It's really uplifitng (if you're not Higgins, of course) to learn that your government isn't the only one that can be incompetent and waste taxpayer money. Even the German government can do it!  ajb007/lol


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Some great entertainment during the new plague: "Noble blood" is a podcast about nobles in history.