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Just a fun little thought experiment.

How would Bond actors' careers have developed if they hadn't been cast as Bond?

Connery - Difficult to say, as he was having a pretty varied career just before Bond in comedy (On the Fiddle), crime drama
            (The Frightened City), classics (Macbeth, Anna Karerina) and a war epic (The Longest Day).

Lazneby - Well, he would've continued as a model, of course.

Moore - Interesting this one. Roger said he was done with television after The Saint, but after The Man Who Haunted
and the undercooked Crossplot failed to earn him a film career, he returned to TV with The
, so I think he would have stayed on television (notably, his Sherlock Holmes In New York was
             television too, and that was during his Bond run) like Robert Wagner did - or maybe Patrick Macnee and
             Patrick Macgoohan would be better comparisons, considering they were also in big adventure shows of the '60s.
             Maybe he would have found his métier in period drama, such as The Forsythe Saga or Upstairs, Downstairs or
             perhaps even a detective show set in that era, given his almost aristocratic Englishness.

Dalton - Presumably, his career would much as it has been - a respectable theatrical actor - given the fact he has never got
             anywhere near the A list, but maybe without The Rocketeer, Hot Fuzz or his ironic guest stint in Chuck.

Brosnan - I reckon Pierce would have continued making straight-to-television films (of these, btw, I would recommend Don't
                Talk To Strangers
and Murder 101 - they're on DVD)Perhaps another sequel to Death Train.
                At that point, he was still basking in the glow of Remington Steele, and I can't imagine that would last
                long and feel he would quickly lose any claim to leading man status.

Craig -     Despite Layer Cake building his name, Bond has given Craig a film career, and without it would be             
               another respected actor in film - like, say, Jason Isaccs or Robert Carlyle.

Anyone want to throw in their opinion?

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My Top 10 Bonds: Octopussy, Goldeneye, From Russia With Love, Tomorrow Never Dies, Licence to Kill, For Your Eyes Only, The Living Daylights, Moonraker, Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me.


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Here is my take on this what if:

Connery: Hopefully would still hook up with director Terence Young and get cast in a major studio film that gets enough recognition to make him an A lister. Also I can see him becoming a producer on his later films like he did in reality.

Lazenby: Would have taken his modeling job as far as it could go, before starting a business of his own.

Moore: I would think that given the right script, he would become a household name. He would also make a few made for television movies like you suggested.

Dalton: Becomes a name for his work in the theatre, as well as film and television. I can see him doing a few costume dramas, some comedy fare, and a few war movies(something about his tone and the way he carries himself, just says military man to me). He also does voice over work in animation.

Brosnan: After Remington Steele ends, he works in made for television movies before getting a hit feature film. He also becomes a successful producer (like he did in reality). I could also see him coming back to television at a later period(like he did with his short lived Western show The Son on AMC).

Craig: Works hard in British produced movies, before a big director like Steven Spielberg gives him a lead role that makes him a big name.


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Those are interesting ideas. I'd point out, though, that Roger was already a household name all over the world because of The Saint. Bond has eclipsed that enormously, and it's barely mentioned, but I think he would still be remembered like Patrick Macnee is for Steed.

I doubt Pierce could have started a production company without Bond. He was lucky to get Mrs Doubtfire, and maybe that would have thrown up some more film work if Eon hadn't called. Notably, however, he was starring in a television film of Robinson Crusoe just as he was announced as Bond, which would indicate his TV-film phase would have extended even further, probably until the female fans of Remington Steele forgot him.

My Top 10 Bonds: Octopussy, Goldeneye, From Russia With Love, Tomorrow Never Dies, Licence to Kill, For Your Eyes Only, The Living Daylights, Moonraker, Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me.


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Good points, their are times that I tend to forget that actors/ actresses time on television shows can help their careers tremendously if the show is popular enough with the public. In all my years as a movie goer, one thing is constant and that is that fame is a fickle thing. Brosnan was defiantly lucky that he got Mrs. Doubtfire when he did, many fellow James Bond fans pointed out that he did not get many offers for films after the 1980's ended. In the alternate world you proposed, I would think that Brosnan could have gotten some film offers after Mrs. Doubtfire.  While I do not pretend to know what goes on in terms of staying on top in the showbusiness world, from what I have seen and heard if you know the right people( producers, directors and studio bosses) your career will flourish.