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Reading Victor B's post about him selling his Maden jacket because his partner hated it reminded me of a similar experience.

For me it was the Sperry boat shoes; my own wife (Mrs ajb007/cool hated them and recruited many of our friends to tell me how awful they were. I loved them, thought I might just keep them for business trips or something but in the end bowed to the pressure.........I decided I was more attached to my wife than the shoes.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with any Bond item or have you just weathered any storm?

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

That´s an interesting point. I mean, if you are collecting not necessarily thinking on wearing all the stuff you buy the only thing our other halves could complain about is having in some cases such expensive things stored somewhere...but if ,like myself you want to wear the stuff and she hates the style (which isn´t the case usually) , then it is for me a big deal.


Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

That's my view too - I buy it to wear it because I like the style (hence I don't buy everything as some things just wouldn't suit me) so when she hates it (again like you it's rare) I tend not to wear it.

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

I buy Bond/Craig garments to wear them because like you, I like the style of them.

Sadly I wouldn't say they fit me like Bond but I like the style of them. And to present days, I'm lucky because my wife also likes the clothes I buy......or she lies to me  ajb007/lol  but I don't think so. She tells me when she doesn't like something.
But on Bond's side, I'm lucky  ajb007/martini

If there is a piece that she wouldn't like, I would keep it and wear it when I'm not with her.....

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

I actually have somewhat of a different experience with my partner regarding Bond/DC clothing items. There have been quite a few pieces that's I'd obtained that have received some "uncertainties" from my other half; mostly to do with how they are not of the usual style I wear on a daily basis. To clarify I am a young looking mid-30 year old (Asian don't raisin') and somewhat of a sneaker head. I usually rock streetwears and Air Jordans to work as my workplace has a very casual dress code so comfort wins out. But when we go out I like to draw inspiration from Bond. Who better right?

When I show her my jackets and other garments she will be skeptical at first.....but when I explain to her that it was from so-and-so Bond film she will usually warm up to it, to the point of asking when will I be wearing "that Bond jacket from that Bond film"?  ajb007/biggrin Go figure. She doesn't trust my style but Bond's.

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

Daaaaang....  feel sorry for you buddy..  if your wife is that up tight to even recruit your friends to henpeck you about things that you like (but she doesn't) - just to force you into dressing how she wants you to dress..  you're kind of screwed !   My ex was like that though..  quite overbearing and tried to turn me into someone I wasn't..  and it was a miserable experience.. One day I realized that she kept making me give up ground in all kinds of small ways..  just like that..  picking at me over clothing choices etc..   I hate that for you..  especially because you outright said that you "loved" the shoes..   a good partner would acknowledge that although they may not like the style..  they're also not the one wearing it..  and if your loved one who is wearing it - loves it - then you accept it and roll with it..     That was low down of her !       But hey..  if that's the biggest struggle in your marriage..  you're still doing OK !!    ajb007/martini    ajb007/martini


Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

In fairness to my lovely wife - the Sperry shoes are the only thing she's ever really not liked to the point of being so vocal about them. Here in the UK that style of boat shoe does come with certain connotations and as my usual holiday style is flip flops and board shorts the sudden appearance of them on holiday elicited a 'woah' from her and some friends too which I do get.

As part of a home renovation I've just finished building a study/spare room/den and the walls and shelves are covered with Bond memorabilia - she's no fan of Jack the bulldog but he is definitely staying.

After 17 years of marriage she's put up with a lot from me and always been supportive and understanding - as you say, if Sperrygate is the worst we encounter all is well  ajb007/smile  ajb007/martini

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

Sarah is very "supportive" of my obsession.

Oddly, the one thing she truly dislikes and happens to be one of my faves, is the original run Madagascar shirt.

She has accepted i'll always wear it, but when I come down in it I still get an eye roll  ajb007/rolleyes

Skewered, one sympathises...

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

I've been single since I bought my first Bond item so i've never had an issue but I did have one issue with a non Bond related item back in 2014. I wanted to buy 2 watches which were the Rolex 16600 Sea Dweller and Jaeger Lecoutlre Reverso Grande Date. I got the Rolex in August 2013 and a month after getting my Rolex the Reverso became available. Unfortunately the seller decided to cancel the deal but lucky for me it became available again and I bought it. My girlfriend at the time knew I was getting it but she didn't know how much it cost until I told when we were out to dinner.

Let's just say she was not happy with me.....

She told me i was stupid to pay that kind of money for a watch and I should sell it! I politely explained to her that i had researched it for almost 6 months, under no circumstances would I be selling it and I didn't appreciate being spoken to in that way! She knew she couldn't change my mind and she just said to me "well its your money so you can do whatever you want with it" The funny thing is we broke up 3 months later and i still have my watch ajb007/biggrin


Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

No woman no cry... ajb007/lol

The name is Walker by the way.

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

Glad you kept the watch - sounds like a better investment  ajb007/smile

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

Well done, MikeG.  Well done.

Unsolicited financial advice from one's girlfriend means time for a new girlfriend. ajb007/martini

I had a similar experience after mine criticized my spending on a custom-framed FYEO poster.  The "Eyes on Me" poster as she called it.  The gaffe alone should've told me all I needed to know. ajb007/lol

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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

I was once given an ultimatum by a woman regarding my Bond items....
Since she moved out I have even more space, peace, and tranquility in my home.
I also spend as much time as I desire on my car projects, and have enjoyed the best 2 years both financially and progress-wise.
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Re: When Mrs B disapproved......

Most of my Bond related clothing items get a lot of compliments. Ultimately, the important thing is to stick to your own personal style. If Bond happens to wear something that you like a lot, then getting the item makes a lot of sense. I have 0 interest in getting clothes from Bond movies just because Bond wore it, if I am not in love with the look myself. No time to die has plenty of stuff I have 0 interest in but other items that are very much my style.

Also, we all have to look at ourselves in the mirror and work with what we have. Daniel Craig wears a lot of items in a way that only flatters someone who has put time in the gym or at least works out regularly. Trying to copy some of his looks can look comical on the wrong person.

My fiancee likes most of the Bond related clothes I wear so that is a big plus. She doesn't always like my choice of multiple blues in an outfit, especially when the blues aren't on the opposite ends of the spectrum and also isn't the biggest fans of the different shades of brown I enjoy. It was nice to hear multiple people disagree were her about the blues because she thought it was a fashion mistake at first but really it was just a preference thing.