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I'm in the market for an evening or occasion fragrance such as if it's black tie or just a particular fancy evening.

I've always had just the one aftershave which I've worn at all times but have decided to opt for something a little less conservative in the evening because why not?

What I'm unsure of is what, if any, smells or constiuents comprise an evening frangrance? And I'm not talking beer/wine, cigarettes etc.

The only online resource I've discovered with suggestions is this GQ article:

https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/b … es-for-men

I'd prefer to keep it under the £200 mark, ideally £100 to £150. Tom Ford has some lovely men's fragrances which I have worn in the past but they and Creed don't come cheap so I suspect if I want an 100ml EDP then I'll have to look elsewhere. I am considering Floris currently.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. ajb007/martini

Yes but my martini's still dry.


Re: Evening Fragrance

Floris 89 has a Bond connection. Apparently Fleming used to wear it.

Pussy Galore: “My name is Pussy Galore.”
Bond: “I must be dreaming.”


Re: Evening Fragrance

I’ve been using Floris for near 32 years now, and have been using JF as my main daily wear for 20 years.  But in the evening and sometimes during Summer, I prefer something that I can smell (your senses become dulled to a well worn signature daily scent) and that refreshes me.  For that, I find you can’t beat Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet

There is a tenuous connection between Fleming and #89, but it’s more associated with Churchilll.  Floris capitalises on the Fleming connection with #89, but  the only record they have of him maybe using it, was due to the fact they sent him some amongst other products, as a gift after he promoted them in DAF.  #89 is never ever mentioned in the books. And Fleming never actually attributes Floris as a brand Bond personally uses himself.

That aside, Floris is a superb brand. And I’ve floated through the use of Santal, Elite and even #89 in the early years (women don’t appreciate its old fashioned blend).  But they have updated #89 slightly to be more contemporary and their line has become more diverse.  You can’t go wrong with them or Penhaligons. Both have a rich and long history. And compliment each other very well.