Topic: Audio serial celebrating vintage thrillers

Good afternoon all,

It occurred to me that members of this esteemed forum might be amused to hear of a current project influenced by the works of those vintage British thriller writers - Dennis Wheatley, Dornford Yates, Eric Ambler, et al – said to have inspired 007’s creator.

(Early Hitchcock films and Captain WE Johns’ Biggles adventures might be added to the above list of reference points. And for those of you with long memories of forum topics past, the old Orson Welles/Moonraker project also has some significance.)

For anyone who may be all interested, a trailer/promo video can be viewed at:


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Danvers Nettlefold


Re: Audio serial celebrating vintage thrillers

For those who may be interested, post-production is nearing completion - and for the time-poor viewer, a 2-minute video trailer edit can be viewed at: