Re: Anything Good on TV ?

Watched Fargo season 1
Hey it's another anthology detective show where each short season is a new story with a new cast of characters, though in this case they live in the same universe as the original film.

My first thought is this is hardly necessary, as the Coen Brothers film was already perfect as is. This features near identical imagery and tone, and even stars a different pregnant police detective, and a different nerdy coward who sets the chain of violence in motion. And all the "yap, you betcha, aw cheez" dialog everybody loved from the real Fargo.

Biggest addition is Billy Bob Thornton's character, as a calm, charming and prolific psychopathic killer. He's maybe more like that Sylva dude from No Country for Old Men in terms of how much violence he does ( a ridiculous amount that nobody even seems to notice), except Thornton plays it so mellow and likable, at one point hiding in plain site as a priest and later on as a dentist.

Irony in casting:  shortly after the real Fargo came out, Thornton was in a Sam Raimi film called A Simple Plan which was dismissed at the time as a Fargo ripoff (deep snow and lots of blood and simple folk getting mixed up in crime). But Thornton played a very different character in that film. Just comparing those two roles, he's a helluva good actor!