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from the latest Boxoffice results "Dream House" is not going to be a hit either. Also the trailer for "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" he seem to be playing his standard, slightly sad, grumpy character, as it hasn't been a huge hit so far I can't see "Tatoo" being any different.

I totally disagree with you TP - The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo will, I'm sure, be a great hit.

The books are best sellers, with a huge fan base, and it seems that the general feedback from these fans are that the trailer looks just how it should.

The character he is playing is a gruff journalist. He fits the character perfectly - and I really think that this will be one of his hit movies - along with Layer Cake. The trailer is the antithesis of what TGWTDT is all about - and if you haven't read the books, then sorry, but you wouldn't know what the movie should be. The one problem with the current Swedish movies is that if you haven't read the book, then you wouldn't know what was going on - and they changed the major plot ending at the end of TGWTDT - which really annoyed me. I'm hoping the this remake will stick more closely to the story - and people who haven't read the book will be able to join in.

As for Dream house - well I didn't even know it had been released  ajb007/embarrassed  It has been plagued by problems, and I'm not going to try to defend it, as a) I haven't seen it and b) the reports do suggest that it's not a keeper - which is disappointing.

However, when I watched the so called "appalling" Invasion (the remake he was in with Nicole Kidman) I thought it wasn't as bad as everyone was making out. Maybe because the original was a cult classic, it had a lot to live up to, but sometimes I do feel like Craig's movies are much more credit worthy than the press/critics/public think.

But then, as a fan girl I probably would..... ajb007/lol

Couple of observations...

1) it always pays to read the book before criticizing a film - leaves you wide open to the "if you havn't read the book " riposte
2) we call them "groupies" on here lex...  ajb007/rolleyes


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I just watched Lady lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Giving Her  so called old flame Alex West, ("Danial Craig") a rather naughty feel in his Hotel room ajb007/biggrin

Craig was certainly an action man in this, and it gives a certain nod, that the casters for "Casino Royale" 2006 made the right choice!

Also I was surpised to see, Iain Glen,( Mr Powell), was also Dr Issacs in  the Resident Evil Films, I been collecting recently on Blu-ray. But hes
no match for Mila! Shes such a Hottie ajb007/embarrassed

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Just for the record, Layer Cake was not a hit, it did not make back what it cost to make.



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Sadly Lexi will Always find fault with any of my arguments over Craig. That's why I stopped posting anything about him. I was merely making the Point He is Playing the same character that He's Played in all his vaslty sucessful movies so I expect this one to be as Big a Success as all his others.
Invasion has one of the least suspenceful endings ever in a Movie ( Just my opinion ) and Craig looks More German with the longer Hair.
Still his fans Love him, and I won't be posting anything about him again as I'm done with it, as a High school teen would say.   ajb007/lol

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I'll update the Craig films I've watched over the last few months.

- Cowboys And Aliens.
The idea of the film and film itself aren't that great, but just ok. Rodeo Craig does his best I suppose. I wonder why he was cast in this film to begin with? Maybe it was an attempt by him to stretch out some by playing a cowboy, but I'm surprised the filmmakers went with him for this.

-Dream House
Such a shame this film had potential, then veered off the road and slammed into a ditch. From Daddy Craig to Looney Craig and back again. But as he says at least he met his wife while making this movie, so I guess that makes up for everything else.

-The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Perhaps another diamond in the rough Craigisphere. Good film overall, and Geraldo Craig adds to it. I heard it mentioned that Craig seemed to playing the same character again. He wouldn't be the first actor to receive that criticism. A closer look at the film reveals a reason for him seeming that way at times. But there are also elements of vulnerability , and dare i say comedy, added as the story progresses that give his character more depth.


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I got a bit of Craig in The Golden Compass, he had his beard and cut a commanding prescense, (sp) and not like his Bond persona, maybe he'll be more like that in Skyfall now his character has come of age. Rubbish CGI polar bear put me off the film, like Lady Rose I despise CGI animals, in fact the only thing CGI is good for is for porn movies, and even then only on humanitarian grounds (tbf, not sure of Lady Rose's views on CGI porn...)

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I ( like many of the cinema audiences, it seems ) avoid anything with Him in it, Luckily I'll get to see skyfall
in a preview ( so won't be adding to any viewing figures or profits ). If it turns out to be good,Then I'll pay to
see it a few times, if not. At least i'll have the pleasure of knowing the producers haven't made any money
out of me.

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You'll see it. And they will make money out of you.  ajb007/tongue

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lol  ajb007/lol


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Thunderpussy will be first in line on opening night......if only to say "I told you so".   ajb007/biggrin

Not seen much of Daniel Craig's work outside of the Bond films. Our Friends In The North, Layer Cake, Road To Perdition, Munich and Lara Croft Tomb Raider. All good stuff.....even Lara Croft Tomb Raider, it's so naff it's a guilty pleasure.  ajb007/biggrin   Layer Cake is my big favourite despite the swearing, Craig excels.

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Though I'm not really a big fan of him as 007, fellow ajb007 folk might be surprised to learn that Craig has become one of my favorite actors in general.  His Tintin performance might be my current favorite, but I also think he was impressive in Knives Out and Defiance.

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Wow I started this thread almost 9 years ago. Crazy. Guess I should update it soon.

I need to rewatch Logan Lucky & Knives Out. Two instant Craig classics.


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I've watched a lot of Daniel Craig's films. Liked Layer Cake and Defiance. Didn't care for Dream House. Enjoyed Knives Out.

Of his earlier stuff, I've seen Hotel Splendide (2000) which is very weird but I liked it. Also, Some Voices (2000) is very good. He plays a character who suffers from mental health issues. A bitter/sweet film. Kelly Macdonald and David Morrissey are also in it.


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Ooooooh! Zombie thread. Monster munch.

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