Topic: #Open Comm Lines - Communication during Cronovirus

My friends, can I have a moment of your time?

We are entering a scary, difficult period in our lives, and in history. All of us have to work together to support and help each other, all the  while keeping a physical distance, and taking extraordinary measures  to prevent the spread of this vile disease.

However, in ensuring we protect the most physically vulnerable, we MUST make sure we care care of the emotionally vulnerable too. Protect our collective Social Mental Health.

Skype, Facebook, Wazzap, Email, Text Message, Phone Calls*   Twatting even!
Keep talking, keep chatting, keep asking 'How are You?'  'Been meaning to call'  'I wanted to ask how you are.....'   'Sorry its been a while let's catch up"

For reasons I won't share, I have been down this road before. I know we can beat this disease and be there for each other at the same time.

Spread the word - #Open_Comm_Lines!

This is Thunderbird 2, how can I be of assistance?


Re: #Open Comm Lines - Communication during Cronovirus

The technology the way it is today can really help everyone with social distancing. Saw this recommendation on my local news earlier today.

Some people would complain even if you hang them with a new rope